Viral Videos Capture the Heart-Pounding Moments 2 Brothers Get Into Their Dream Schools

If viral videos were made for anything, it was for a moment like this.

Sixteen-year-old Ayrton Little, a high school senior at TM Landry College Preparatory in Louisiana, had a childhood dream of one day going to Harvard. After waiting to hear about his application, he decided to boldly check the status online — with, oh, just his entire graduating senior class standing around him. On camera.

The epic moment can been seen in a December 12 video he shared on Twitter, which has racked up over 488K likes and 165K retweets to date:

In the video, you can hear Ayrton’s classmates impatiently egging him on as he clicks around on his laptop. “You gotta click ‘Status,'” one says. “‘Look, see it?’”

And then in a split second, Ayrton’s face goes from casual to elated as he jumps ecstatically in the air — along with the crowd around him. Honestly, the celebration is so incredible, it’s hard to hold back a virtual fist pump of your own.

“All the hard work was worth it,” Ayrton captioned the tweet. “I got accepted to Harvard at 16!!”

The high school senior, who skipped a grade and will be 17 in February according to WBUR, is the son of a single mom who actually raised two sons who are about to head to prestigious schools next fall. It just so happens that Ayrton’s brother Alex is also a senior at TM Landry, and just got accepted into Stanford.

And don’t you worry, he captured it all on video, too:

Reactions to both tweets have been pretty tremendous, earning response from everyone from the head of gaming at Google, Ryan Wyatt, to actress Tichina Arnold.

Undoubtedly there’s something in the water over at TM Landry — or just an incredible work ethic — because it looks live they’ve been churning out a lot of students bound for top-tier universities. The Littles aren’t their only college-bound students going to prestigious schools — Mashable reports that several other seniors were accepted to Ivys including Dartmouth and Yale. Many of those acceptance moments were captured on camera, too, and proudly retweeted by the brothers.

It couldn’t have been easy for either of the Littles to get to where they are today — especially Ayrton, at just age 16. As his mom told WBUR, he always got good grades, but the family also suffered tragedy when their youngest brother (who would have been 13 this year) died suddenly of an asthma attack.

Ayrton said his goal is to work for a nonprofit when he graduates — we can’t wait to see what he and his brother accomplish!

h/t: Mashable

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