This Baby Dressed as Cam from ‘Modern Family’ and Was the Best Thing to Happen to Halloween 2016

By now, you’ve likely seen the best of what the Internet had to offer this Halloween …

 Neil Patrick Harris & Co. dominating the family costume category (yet again):

That guy who dressed up as a leather recliner:

 This toddler, who channeled Dwight from The Office complete with his trademark spectacles and scowl:

People really brought their A-game this year.

But if you ask me, one of the best costumes to hit the Internet by far belonged to a 10-month-old named Charlie from American Fork, Utah. Over the weekend, he dressed as Cam from Modern Family and is steadily becoming something of a viral legend, for obvious reasons:

Image Source: McKell Harding
Image Source: McKell Harding
Image Source: McKell Harding
Image Source: McKell Harding

I mean … can you handle the cuteness?!

According to Charlie’s mom, McKell Harding, she and her husband have been told that little Charlie looks like the spitting image of Eric Stonestreet for some time now, so once Halloween rolled around, the costume seemed like a no-brainer.

“An old co-worker told us she thought he looked like Cam months ago and since then many people have suggested that he looks like Cam,” Harding tells Babble. “We like [Modern Family] and just thought it would be funny. My family always has a big Halloween party and we’re always trying to outdo each other’s costumes. A mini Cam was just too good not to do.”

Image Source: McKell Harding
Image Source: McKell Harding

As it turns out, throwing together a “mini Cam” was also pretty cheap. According to Harding, it cost her just under $40.

“I had to search a bit to find the shirt,” she explains. “I ended up buying it on Amazon from Elie Balleh. With shipping it was $26 and the doll was $13, also from Amazon. The rest were just his clothes.”

And while going viral has certainly taken the family by surprise, Charlie’s adorable looks have actually been getting noticed for quite some time now, thanks to his trademark mop of hair.

“Charlie was born with tons of hair so we get stopped a lot,” Harding tells Babble. “Everyone wants to run their fingers through his hair.”

Um, can you blame ’em?

Image Source: McKell Harding
Image Source: McKell Harding

Still, Harding is pretty blown away by the overwhelming response she’s received since first tweeting out photos of Charlie on October 30. Especially since she’s a total newb at Twitter.

“I am really surprised how fast this spread,” she says. “I just joined Twitter on Saturday for the purpose of sending the pic to Eric Stonestreet. I thought he needed to see it. By Sunday he had retweeted and messaged me.”

That’s right — Stonestreet himself retweeted her immediately. And what’s more, he asked for her address so he could send her a little something. (Though it’s yet to arrive, I can’t imagine the suspense of awaiting a package from CAM.)

But most of all, Harding says the best part about Charlie’s costume going viral is watching the Internet revel in his adorableness, too.

“We just love our little boy and think he’s the cutest, glad other people are enjoying him too!”

With a face like that, how could you not?

Image Source: McKell Harding
Image Source: McKell Harding

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article misidentified the toddler dressed as Dwight Schrute as actress Jenna Fischer’s son. This was based on earlier reports that have since been corrected, after Fischer tweeted Tuesday that the boy in the photo belonged to a fan.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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