Back to the Future: The Musical?

back to the future

No, there weren’t a bunch of all-singing, all-dancing numbers when Marty McFly went time traveling, but there soon will be!

London’s West End is set to blast off with Back to the Future: The Musical, just in time for the film’s 30th anniversary next year. (THIRTY years?! Where did the time go?!) The film, directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Michael J. Fox, was released in 1985 and was a box-office smash, grossing $383 million worldwide and spawning two sequels. The story was about high school student Marty McFly who visits a local scientist/inventor Doc Brown, and inadvertently travels back in time to 1955. His antics interfere with the future, and if he doesn’t get his parents together at the dance, Marty won’t exist!

The film’s director, Robert Zemeckis and co-writer Bob Gale have reunited for the musical, a project they’ve apparently been considering for a decade. The musical will reportedly follow the original plot, however Gale added that he wanted the production to be “true to the spirit of the film without being a slavish remake. We intend to use music from the movie along with brand new songs to make a version of Back to the Future that is fresh, entertaining and takes advantage of all the amazing things that can now be done on stage.”

He continued,”We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film.”

At the helm of the project is British director Jamie Lloyd, who will run two separate workshops for the musical later this year, one in Los Angeles and the other in London. Gale said: “We met Brits, and we met Americans, but we decided on the Brits Jamie and Colin [producer Colin Ingram] because they’re seeing our material through slightly different cultural eyes.”

While the musical will feature a number of songs from the original soundtrack, including “The Power of Love” and “Johnny B Goode,” its composer Alan Silvestri, who worked on the original film, is creating some new material. He will collaborate with the songwriter Glen Ballard, who previously worked on Ghost: The Musical.

Casting, venue and opening dates have not yet been decided. Who will step into Marty’s sneakers?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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