North Carolina Woman Wears Christmas Tree Skirt as a Cape, Becomes Our Holiday Hero

Are you looking for just the right wrap to jazz up your LBD for the holidays? Or maybe you’re a jeans-and-boots girl like me and want something warm and cozy to add that little extra oomph to your outfit? I’ve got you covered.

Well, not exactly me — but Bae Hart has you covered, with her ability to think outside the box.

If you need something to inject some belly laughs into your day (and who doesn’t need that?) then watch as this North Carolina photographer takes us on a trip around her local HomeGoods store in search of the perfect … cape?

Okay, maybe in search of the perfect tree skirt, but come on. Who puts a tree skirt on a hanger?

Hart saw these deliciously furry little numbers hanging on a rack amid the housewares and wanted to try one on. I mean, OF COURSE SHE DID. I’m not much of a fashionista myself, but I want one of these capes hard. Okay, I want all of them, but one would be a start.

The backstory to this hilarious video is that Hart had gone to the store the previous day, seen the cape, and wanted to try it on to see how fabulous she looked in this swingy, faux fur little number. Spoiler alert: fierce.

She asked a salesperson where the mirrors were, who told her, “There are no mirrors over here because we don’t try on furnishings.”

Ummmm … yes. Yes, we do.

So, on her return trip to HomeGoods, which she captures on Facebook Live, Hart is funny and fierce as she tries on the cape and involves other shoppers in the “cape versus tree skirt” debate.

Okay fine. It really is a tree skirt, but in the words of Bae Hart herself, “Who has to know?”

We all know. But who even cares? She. Is. Rocking. It.

“I look like walking Christmas,” said Hart. “The flow is amazing.”

Remarking on how warm the cape-slash-tree-skirt is, Hart continues, “My tree don’t need to be this damn warm, y’all. It’s already in the house.”


In a world where the average day’s news is depressing, disheartening, and downright scary, we all need to see total strangers laughing together while trying on fuzzy pink tree skirts at HomeGoods.

Hart told Babble she hopes to get the cape altered this weekend.

“I will be wearing this ANYTIME it’s cold out and I just need to throw something over my shoulders and don’t want the burden of a huge coat. Like out to eat on a cold night.”

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at HomeGoods looking for my fun, new winter wrap. If you want one, you probably need to hurry. These things are going to be sold out after this.

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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