Bald Is Beautiful! Famous Cartoon Characters Shave Their Heads for Kids with Cancer

“Famous cartoons from all over the world have gone bald, sending out the message that a child with cancer deserves to be seen just like any other child.” These are some very powerful words from the Bald Cartoons website.

Iconic and famous cartoon characters such as Snoopy, Olive Oyl, and the Equestria Girls have shaved their heads in support of children who have lost their hair due to their battle with cancer.

Beyond the physical toll that cancer treatment can take, the side effect of baldness can have a huge emotional toll on a child. Kids on the playground and in class can be cruel, especially when they are met with something unusual, like a peer that has lost his hair. The award-winning ad agency Ogilvy & Mather’s Brasil headquarters are striving to put a stop to the stigma of baldness by creating a campaign featuring beloved cartoon characters who have shaved their heads in a message of not just unity but trying to create a sense of normalcy.

“I think it will be more normal to see a bald child because everyone will see on TV,” one young girl said in the touching video that accompanies the campaign.

Children in the midst of battling cancer have more important things to worry about than what people will think of their baldness. This joyful campaign will hopefully take away some of the shame that these kids may be feeling but also will lead to more acceptance from their peers. And really, you can’t go wrong with a bald Garfield!

Check out some of the wonderful bald portraits below:

  • Olive Oyl 1 of 8

    Olive Oyl proudly sports her new look.

  • Snoopy 2 of 8

    Even cartoon dogs get into the spirit of Bald Cartoons.

  • Equestria Girl 3 of 8

    This Equestria girl from the My Little Pony spin-off looks great without her hair.

  • Garfield 4 of 8

    Garfield shaved his OWN head!

  • Finn 5 of 8

    Finn from Adventure Time shaved off his long blond locks in support of kids with cancer.

  • Rio 2 Birds 6 of 8

    A few of the birds from Rio 2 got rid of some of their feathers!

  • Another Equestria Girl 7 of 8

    Seriously, how adorable does this Equestria Girl look without hair!

  • And Another… 8 of 8

    The smile of this bald-headed beauty says it all!


Photo sources: Ogilvy Brazil to GRAACC


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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