Harlem Globetrotter Surprises Students, Greets Them All with Personalized Handshakes

When we first came across the story of Barry White Jr, the North Carolina teacher who created individual handshakes to greet his 5th-grade students each morning, we were amazed. With a little extra effort, he was able to start the school day off on a positive, memorable note that made all his students not just excited to learn but feel truly valued as well. We didn’t think we could love him anymore — that is, until he surprised his students with a visit from Harlem Globetrotter Zeus McClurkin.

In the video posted on the Harlem Globetrotters’ Facebook page, we see White starting off his usual handshake routine with the kids. It’s seemingly just another normal day at Ashley Park Pre-K-8 School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Then, he pauses to take a phone call. Naturally, the students were outraged, shouting “What is he doing?!” before erupting in screams upon seeing McClurkin.

White explains McClurkin was here to fill in for the day — and the kids certainly didn’t mind. But that wasn’t all. The Globetrotter star didn’t just hang out with the students, he went as far as to memorize each child’s specific handshake — replicating them flawlessly. When one girl arrived late, McClurkin didn’t even hesitate! He knew how to greet her and carried the handshake out effortlessly.

Since the video was posted on March 21, it has 192k views and tons of comments from amazed viewers:

“That the way kids sure feel about school..I love this..” — Laura B.

“I wish school was this much fun when I attended!” — Cheryl M

“That’s so awesome! That put a smile on my face today!” — Lupe S

It’s easy to say that Barry White Jr’s class is the coolest around — so cool we almost wish we could go back to elementary school.

Keep up the good work, Mr. White!

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