These Kids Were Asked “What Makes You Two Different?” — and Their Answers Are Perfect

The next time you find yourself worrying about the next generation — and the future of the world, for that matter — do yourself a favor and check out this video posted by the BBC, and remind yourself that yes, the kids are doing alright.

In the video, kids are paired up in twos with their friends, and each are asked the same question: “What makes you two different from each other?”

The beauty of it all comes when you realize that their answers are miles away from what any adult might have said. At first glance, each kid does look pretty different their friend — but their replies have nothing to do with skin color, hair color, or race.

“She never stops talking!” says one boy.

“I have smaller toes than Artie,” says another.

“Adiel likes goujon and chips and I like sushi,” says one little girl, matter-of-factly.

But the absolute best is when the video keeps cutting back to the same two little boys, dressed up like twins for their on-camera moment (in matching sweaters and collared shirts, no less!). They struggled in the beginning to come up with any differences at all, each looking at the other for a bit of help. Finally, after many sighs, confused glances, and thumb-twiddling, they decide that one is better at “tig” and the other at “staying in den.” (Whatever that means!)

A caption at the end of the heartwarming video sums it all up beautifully: “When it comes to difference, children see things differently.”

They certainly do.

Racking up over 8M views, 11K likes, and 12K shares, the video has gone insanely viral in the last few days. Most commenters gave it praise, saying things like it’s “the cutest thing they’ve seen in a while,” and “if only we could all stay this way.”

Still, a few pointed out that their own children still struggle with prejudice. “How I wish its true,” shared one commenter. “But my 10 year daughter’s experience at school (considered one of best in town) has been completely different.”

“ … My experience as a teacher was that children focus on difference and tease or bully because of them,” noted another. “I was bullied for being tall.”

Regardless, while the world obviously isn’t perfect, this video clearly shows us one thing — the next generation will be bringing more love into the world, not less.

h/t: BBC

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