Devoted Dog Mom Sets Up Mini Christmas Tree for Her Pet Chihuahua

It’s no secret that as a culture, we’re hopelessly obsessed with our dogs. We give them doggie massages, pull their hair into pigtails, push them around in strollers, and pretty much consider them one of our babies — right up there with our real ones.

But does your dog have his own room? Complete with doggy-sized furniture and holiday decor? Because if not, I’ll be honest: You’re probably not doing enough to help your pup live his best life.

However, one dog mama who does know how to pamper her four-legged friend as much as he deserves is 20-year-old Mississippi college student Betsy Redfern.

Redfern’s 12-year-old chihuahua Cupid has been her best buddy since childhood. And when she recently moved into a new apartment with a second closet, she didn’t hesitate to do what any good dog lover would do: She turned the extra space into a fully-furnished room for Cupid.

Below the personalized nameplate — and rack of dog clothes neatly hung on hangers above — she gave him his very own four-poster bed!

“His linens were made to match my bed covers and skirt and were sewn by my mom,” Redfern tells Babble.

Cupid the dog
Image Source: Betsy Redfern


But if that wasn’t already enough, Redfern also decided to do something extra special for Cupid during the holiday season: She gave him his very own doggy-sized Christmas tree.

Cupid the dog
Image Source: Betsy Redfern

I gotta say, I didn’t think there could be anything cuter in this world than a chihuahua — until I saw a chihuahua sitting next to his very own mini Christmas tree.

According to Redfern, Cupid took all the decorations in stride. “When I put the tree in his room, he didn’t really react in a special way,” she shares. “He did like to snuggle with the tree skirt, though.”

To be fair, Cupid is fairly used to living the good life. Not only did he totally clean UP this Christmas (he got a sweater, a second bed, and a crown pillow from family members as gifts), but he also has a huge wardrobe, according to Redfern.

When it comes to life in general, it looks like Cupid pretty much has it made.

“He has a car seat that he rides in when we drive back and forth from home to school,” says Redfern. “He also has a stroller that we sometimes use when I take him shopping with me or somewhere on campus, [and] like some children, he has a stuffed animal that he likes to take everywhere.”

Cupid the dog
Image Source: Betsy Redfern

Obviously, Cupid is living the life most of us dream of. And one look at that face tells us he deserves every bit of it.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Cupid. Can’t wait to see what your mom will do for you on Valentine’s Day!

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