Beyond Lucy: Our Favorite Celebrities with Red Hair

Celebrity Red Heads
My grandmother with my mom

When I was a little girl with blonde hair I was certain that when I grew up it would become the same color as my mother’s and grandmother’s. They both had stunning auburn hair that accentuated their personalities perfectly. We were pale and freckled people, so relishing and delighting in red hair was something I was looking forward to. Then I got older and my hair dimmed from blonde to dirty blonde to light brown and then finally settled on mouse brown.

I was very annoyed.

Somewhere I had read about “boosting” your natural red with items you may have in your house. At the ripe age of thirteen I was certain that my “natural red” was just waiting to be discovered. So I enthusiastically poured an entire bottle of hydrogen peroxide on my hair. And I waited. Things sort of looked different, but not a LOT, so I tried lemon juice and went out and did my homework in the sunny side of our apartment balcony. That made something happen. It was HORRIBLE. My hair was neon orange and extra crunchy.

When my mother came home I sobbed and wailed and through tears explained: I just wanted to be a redhead like she was. Like my grandmother was. My mother brought me into a hug, tried not to laugh, and revealed she was not a “natural redhead.” Like me she had wanted hair like my grandmother’s and waited for it to come. When it did not she took matters into her own hands with color in a box. It was such a relief. The next day I was my own shade of red and ever since then I have been pretty much every shade you can imagine.

I laugh when people are shocked that red isn’t my “natural color” because in many ways it is. Sure I purchase the dye or pigment to make the red happen, but there’s a specific personality that goes with the color and that is 100% all me.

Our Favorite Celebrities With Red Hair

Celebrities With Red Hair: Ones to Watch

The Ones to Watch

• Prince Harry speaking during “We Day UK” charity celebration is a redhead always on a mission.
Sabina Karlsson, a plus-size model from Sweden, is stunning. Look for her in every successful plus-size campaign. (Image Credit)
• Lindsay Lohan is getting her life back on track. Have you seen Lindsay on OWN?

Celebrities With Red Hair: The Hunks

The Hunks

• Let’s not talk about the characters he plays, Damian Lewis is my kind of dreamy
• Benedict Cumberbatch has the perfect auburn I always wanted
• The always smoldering Ewan McGregor is a ginger!

Celebrities With Red Hair: Award Winners

The Award Winners

• Nicole Kidman won the Best Actress Oscar® for her performance in The Hours and has been nominated for several other awards.
• She is now one of the most nominated actresses of our generation: Amy Adams has been nominated for an Oscar® 5 times.
• Julianne Moore has been nominated for 3 Oscars®.

Celebrities With Red Hair: The Comics

The Comics

• Are you following funny lady Kathy Griffin on Twitter? DO IT!
• Conan O’Brien is looking to bring his funny to a younger demographic and will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards.
• 80-year-old Carol Burnett is still making us laugh. Just recently I heard my son cracking up listening to Carol voice a character on Curious George. (Image Credit)

Celebrities With Red Hair: The Artists

The Artists

• One of my all-time favorite artists, Tori Amos, is about to release a new album and begin a world tour.
• Willie Nelson, at 80 years old, is still bringing in the crowds! He was one of THE must-see performances at SXSW.
• Bonnie Raitt is currently traveling the festival circuit in Canada. (Image Credit)

Celebrities With Red Hair: The Bombshells

The Bombshells

• Daughter of famous redhead Ron, Bryce Dallas Howard is always stunning when her hair is vibrant red.
• Does it really get any more YES than Christina Hendricks? Nope.
• Jessica Chastain is a master at understated glam.

Celebrities With Red Hair: The Friends

The Friends

• Isla Fisher (also known as, NOT AMY ADAMS, thank you very much) always seems so fun and down to earth.
• Alyson Hannigan has varied her shades of red, but it always works. Alyson was recently featured in our “How to Wear Green” tutorial.
• I know Emma Stone is pretending she isn’t a red head right now, but she can’t fool me!

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