Bill Murray Helped a Couple Spill Their Pregnancy News In the Best Possible Way

Crafting the perfect pregnancy announcement can be harder than it seems; especially now that social media has led parents-to-be to spill the beans in all sorts of unique and clever ways. But for one lucky couple, the question of how exactly they’d break the news to friends and family became crystal clear this week, when none other than Bill Murray just happened to sit near them at a baseball game — and they decided to take a chance.

Robbie Schloss and his lovely wife Kristen were at Wrigley Field earlier this week when they spotted the legendary comic actor sitting nearby during Monday night’s Chicago Cubs game (OMG!!).

As Robbie later shared the story on the Love What Matters Facebook page this week:

“We talked casually during the game, and he playfully switched glasses with Kirsten for a minute since his shades make the entire stadium turn blue. After the Cubs win I told Bill I needed him to make our pregnancy announcement.”

And he sure did.

Taking Robbie’s phone, Murray looked straight into the camera, and with a mischievous grin, recorded the following message for the couple’s parents: “Hey, I got news for you. You’re gonna be grandparents!”

“We’re having a baby!” Robbie quickly followed up. (You know, just to make sure the message was clear.)

I mean … CAN YOU IMAGINE?! That sure beats my last baby announcement — which was basically just a Bob Ross meme with a funny punchline.

According to the post, the couple has struggled with fertility issues in the past, which as anyone who’s experienced it knows, is incredibly emotional and stressful. When they found out they were pregnant, they decided not to go public right away. But let’s be honest, when Bill Murray shows up out of the blue — and sits down right next to you — how can you not take advantage of the situation and use him to spill your good news?

“Bill gladly recorded the message for us and we got a few cheers from the crowd still standing around us,” Robbie shared with Love What Matters post. “My father-in-law is a long time Cubs fan, so it was pretty awesome sending this to him.”

He ended his post with a simple thank you to Murray — “for making my parents cry!”

This amazing story brings back memories of that hilarious time Will Smith helped a mom-to-be announce her pregnancy while on line at a local coffee shop. The star stood next to her with a great big smile, while holding a sign that read, “Emily’s pregnant!” (I can only imagine how pumped that woman was to see herself — and her baby news — go viral.)

Congrats to Robbie and Kristen on their wonderful news, and hey, Bill Murray, we’re having a Halloween Party at my house in mid-coast Maine … you should stop by if you’re free! (Seriously, though.)

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