Kids Try to Sneak into ‘Black Panther’ Using “Tall Man” Disguise and Fail Miserably

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The thrill of sneaking into a movie and not getting caught was always one of those things I secretly fantasized about as a kid, but never actually had the guts to do. In part, because I have the guiltiest conscience ever, and would likely turn myself in mid-way through the movie. But also because, let’s face it, it’s not the easiest operation to pull off (particularly when you’re a kid). Just ask two teens who valiantly tried (and failed) to sneak into a showing of Black Panther this weekend, using the so-called “tall man” method.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the “tall man” involves one person sitting atop the other person’s shoulders and wearing an extra-long coat so as to disguise the fact that you are in fact two separate individuals. Instead, you look like one super-sized person. A Stretch Armstrong. A real-life Gumby. In short, it isn’t the wisest of methods to use if you’re looking to sneak into a movie nonchalantly, but hey, when you’re a teen, logic isn’t always on your side.

“We tried getting the two for one special at Black Panther,” wrote @stevelikescups on Twitter February 16. “The manager was not having it.”

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall when the manager came over and told those two the jig was up. I mean, talk about e-m-b-a-r-a-s-s-i-n-g.

While I can’t condone cheating the system, I can’t totally blame them for being overly eager to get into Black Panther of all movies. Marvel’s latest release has gotten rave reviews so far, and totally smashed box office records with a $242 million debut weekend. It’s also gotten some major applause for breaking cultural barriers too, with its almost entirely all-black cast and superhero narrative.

“Hollywood is lifting us up,” CNN’s Van Jones wrote in a review. “This film is a godsend that will lift the self-esteem of black children in the U.S. and around the world for a long time.”

Here’s hoping those two teens got to see the film after all. (The legal way, of course.)

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