Remembering Bob Casale: 5 Awesome Devo Videos to Celebrate His Legacy

Devo,_Atlanta,_Ga.,_Dec._27,_1978_Agora_BallroomOne of the first bands that I ever truly loved was Devo. My parents were big fans and their continuous playing of Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! did not bug me one bit.

Devo had an appeal to adult rock lovers as well as a contagious silliness that kids could totally get down with. Devo was fun for the WHOLE family. And today we have learned that one of the founding members of the iconic band has died.

Devo’s guitarist Bob Casale died on Monday, February 17th, at the age of 61.

Gerald Casale, his brother and bandmate, ¬†wrote on the band’s Facebook page:

“As an original member of Devo, Bob Casale was there in the trenches with me from the beginning. He was my level-headed brother, a solid performer and talented audio engineer, always giving more than he got. He was excited about the possibility of Mark Mothersbaugh allowing Devo to play shows again. His sudden death from conditions that lead to heart failure came as a total shock to us all.”

He left this earth too soon, but he did leave behind a lasting legacy. One thing about Devo: They always were entertaining either on record, on stage, or in their videos. As a tribute to Bob Casale, we’ve collected five totally amazing Devo videos to enjoy in his honor.

Which one is your favorite?


“Whip It”


“[I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction”


“Girl You Want”


“Freedom of Choice”


“Beautiful World”


Photo Source: Wiki Commons/ Malcolm Riviera

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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