Target Is Now Selling a Bob Ross Board Game and Yes, You Need It in Your Life

If you were a child of the ’70s or ’80s, then you know Bob Ross was always there, like a guiding light. You flipped past him on the TV on your way to watch Saturday morning cartoons. He was on in the background at the dentist’s office, your grandma’s house, and pretty much everywhere else you went. Just Bob, a blank canvas, and his trusty paintbrushes, showing you how to create “happy little trees” in a soft-spoken voice that damn near put you to sleep.

His calm, reassuring tone. His badass hair. His ability to make you, a child who was still mastering the art of finger painting, think you could somehow create an intricate landscape of trees and rolling rivers, in less than 30 minutes. In short, he was the best.

And now, Target is selling a Bob Ross-inspired board game that you probably definitely need to have. It’s called Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game, and honestly, it has me intrigued. (And for the record, totally losing all my chill.)

Image Source: Target

(I mean … is that cover art not the best?)

According to the Target website, the game is suggested for two to four players at a time, ages 12 and up, and challenges each of you to “finish one of Bob Ross’s masterpieces before he does, to win ‘chill’ status.” Um, what? That sounds awesome.

The game comes with four painting palettes, 60 art supplies cards, 24 “chill cards” (whatever that means), 11 technique cards, 12 feature markers, 4 “chill cubes,” 1 “Bob Mover,” 15 double-sided paintings, and a time machine to transport you back to your childhood. (JK on that last part.)

Image Source: Target

And just in case that’s not enough Bob Ross for you, there’s more Bob Ross-related gear where that came from.

Like this truly adorable Bob Ross vinyl figurine:

Image Source: Target

… which also comes in a bundle, so you can buy it with the board game if you really wanna go wild:

Image Source: Target

And best of all: More Bob Ross-inspired products will be hitting Target stores this weekend, on October 1.

Like this soothing, 1,000-piece Bob Ross puzzle …

Image Source: Target

And this truly amazing Bob Ross chia pet:

Image Source: Target

Have fun getting your chill on, people!

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