15 Favorite Tom Cruise Movies You Can Watch Today

Born on the 3rd of July

Tom Cruise got a nice early birthday gift from Cher this weekend when she made it known on Andy Cohen’s late night Bravo show, Watch What Happens Live, that he was on her list of greats. Yes, THAT LIST. Tom and Cher dated in the ’80s and after all of these years he has still managed to remain on Cher’s Top 5.

Cher’s overshare comments were made exactly one year after Tom Cruise found out Katie Holmes, his wife of five years, was filing for divorce and seeking sole custody of their daughter Suri. News of their divorce made headlines around the world just days before Tom celebrated his 50th birthday.

In a few days (July 3rd) Tom will turn 51 and the mega star has been VERY busy! 2012 saw the return of one of my favorite kind of Tom Cruise movies: a romance. Sure it was a silly plot-line buried within the hilarious Rock of Ages, but seeing Tom play a role where he wasn’t in tough guy mode was nice.

To celebrate Tom turning 51 this week I rounded up fifteen of my favorite Tom Cruise movies. Sure he’s a bit of a couch jumper, but he’s also a great actor with films we have all grown up watching, loving and quoting.

Happy Birthday Tom!

15 of Our Favorite Tom Cruise Movies

  • Happy Birthday Tom! 1 of 16
    Happy Birthday Tome Cruise: Our Picks for His 15 Best Movies

    Tom Cruise has been nominated for three Academy Awards and won two Golden Globes, and thanks to Risky Business we all know what he looks like in his underpants. Do you feel the need? The need to know my all-time favorite Tom Cruise movies? YES!!


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  • The Outsiders 2 of 16

    Francis Ford Coppola directed this coming of age movie from the early '80s. For most of us The Outsiders was our introduction to Tom Cruise. Cruise played Steve Randle, who was part of the Greasers gang. This movie is full of young actors at the start of their careers, all baby faced and adorable.


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  • Risky Business 3 of 16

    Risky Business is the movie that turned Tom Cruise into a star. Somehow Tom never managed to join the Brat Pack and make a splash in a John Hughes film. Not that he ever needed anything beyond this R-rated high school satire to launch his career! 


    Buy Risky Business on DVD.


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  • Top Gun 4 of 16

    I once dated a guy who watched Top Gun every Sunday. It was his religion. Top Gun is on tons of "Best Of" lists and is a fan favorite around the world. This love is what is fueling producer Jerry Bruckheimer to continue to press forward with plans for a sequel. Oh yes.


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  • Cocktail 5 of 16

    Don't tell me you didn't try to get all fancy pants with how you make your adult beverages after a recent viewing of Cocktail. This movie is such a classic fairytale from the '80s: "maybe I will discover a secret amazing skill for bartending and be able to quit school and make a billion bucks in Jamaica..." Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue have some great chemistry.


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  • Rain Man 6 of 16

    Tom Cruise is all grown up in Rain Man and does some of his best work opposite Dustin Hoffman and Valeria Golino. I recently watched Rain Man again and was blown away by Tom's performance. When I originally watched the film I only focused on Dustin's work, but Tom is really bringing some good stuff.


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  • Born on the Fourth of July 7 of 16

    Watching Tom in Born on the Fourth of July is intense. He takes on the role of Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic and carries us through a story that earned him an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award for best actor. 


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  • Days of Thunder 8 of 16

    Long before this movie came out I remember being in high school and reading about "drama on the set" of Days of Thunder causing massive delays in filming. It was only many years later that I heard the full stories of the chaos. Somehow that only made me like the movie more. It's a rule breaking, fast-paced, macho, race-car movie. OF COURSE there was going to be drama. 


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  • Far and Away 9 of 16

    Setting aside some of the cringe-worthy moments from his attempts at an Irish accent, Tom is well cast as Joseph Donnelly in Far and Away. While I never quite believed the chemistry between Tom and Nicole in Days of Thunder, they play opposite each other nicely in this epic romance from Ron Howard.  


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  • A Few Good Men 10 of 16

    Tom has always done a great job of adding variety to his film career and joining ensemble casts has been one of his best strengths. He is brilliant as Lieutenant Junior Grade Danny Kaffee in A Few Good Men.


    Watch A Few Good Men on DVD.


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  • The Firm 11 of 16

    Tom takes a leading role in The Firm, based on a Grisham novel of the same name. Tom brings home the anxiety in this legal thriller. This film also was a big power play moment for Tom. As part of his contract, Paramount Pictures agreed to only have his name, above the title of the film, on the movie poster.


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  • Interview with a Vampire 12 of 16

    (Did you happen to see where Tom's name was on the movie poster up there? Yup. Above the title.) 

    Many fans were surprised to hear that Tom was cast as the Vampire Lestat in Anne Rice's Interview With a Vampire. Anne herself was shocked. She was very vocal about not approving of his casting but after seeing him in the movie she recanted her (very public) disapproval and remarked, "That he understood the role of the vampire Lestat and he understood something very dark and very central to the film and he brought that out."  


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  • Mission: Impossible 13 of 16

    Tom as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible is a serious YES. Obviously I am not the only fan of this casting as Tom has agreed to do a fifth Mission: Impossible in 2014.


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  • Jerry Maguire 14 of 16

    I'll just fess up: I love Jerry Maguire. I wish Tom would make another super earnest, romance-driven movie like it. Tom brings a fun edge to what is, let's just face it, a chick flick. This movie remains one of the most quotable movies ever. "I love him! I love him for the man he wants to be. And I love him for the man he almost is."


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  • Magnolia 15 of 16

    When Magnolia came out the first thing everyone said was, "but you HAVE to see it for Tom Cruise!" Magnolia was a return to ensemble type films and with that Tom was able to dive into out of type characters that could take audiences by surprise. Tom's performance was so great that it earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination from the Academy Awards. 


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  • Rock of Ages 16 of 16

    Tom Cruise is the highlight of rock comedy Rock of Ages. Playing a character based on pretty much every lead singer of every hair metal band from the '80s, Tom actually pulls it off with sincerity. This movie is endearing and amusing and, well if you don't suddenly start singing along I would be shocked! Bottom line: Tom should absolutely do another musical.


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