Tweens Hide in UK Grocery Store Overnight, Eat Nearly $400 in Food Before They’re Caught

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If you’ve never been to a Sainsbury’s before, then let me just fill you in real quick: It’s basically heaven on earth.

The UK-based grocery chain has just about everything you can imagine (food-wise) inside — from delicious pastries made fresh daily to a generous selection of wine and locally-sourced cheese. Maybe the grocery stores in my part of the U.S. are lackluster, or maybe I just don’t get out much. (TBH, both of those statements are probably true.) All I know is, every time I go to England, I make sure to hit up a Sainsbury’s at least once or twice before I leave, and usually wind up spending a small fortune inside.

Which is why it wasn’t a huge surprise to hear that two UK school boys recently ate their way through £300 — or $386 — of food from Sainsbury’s in just one night. But it was a shock to hear why — and where they did it. The tweens were apparently locked inside the grocery store overnight, after they allegedly hid from store employees before closing. And once the store was locked, they helped themselves to pretty much … well, everything.

According to the Daily Record, the boys are just 12 and 13 years old, and live in East Kilbride, Scotland, not far from the Sainsbury’s store they raided in Kingsgate. A source told the outlet that the pair spent their wild night basically running amok and binge-eating like a couple of college boys. They were finally busted in the early morning hours by a worker who was apparently just coming off a night shift.

“The two boys had worked their way through hundreds of pounds worth of food before being discovered,” the source told East Kilbride News earlier this week. And if you’re scratching your head just as I was over just how the pair were able to elude the night workers for so long, the source had this to say: “A few night workers are mostly working in the same area as a small group rather than being spread around, hence why it took so long to discover them.”

Naturally, their parents were called immediately and the Daily Record reports that both boys were safe (albeit a bit stuffed, and DEFINITELY on their way to being grounded) when their parents came to pick them up. And while no charges have been filed at this time, it doesn’t look like they’ll be escaping their night of debauchery totally unscathed: “Following further enquiries three items have been reported stolen,” the source reported. “Enquiries are ongoing with Sainsbury’s.”

Yikes. Sure hope they learned a thing or two from their night of mischief — and that their parents don’t get socked with that hefty grocery bill. But I’m thinking the stomachache alone was enough to teach them a lesson.

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