Literally Every Single Thing in This New Home and Beauty Line Is $3

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I don’t know about you, but I spend what amounts to a small fortune on beauty products every month. And I’m not even talking about having a weak spot for designer makeup or a penchant for pricey impulse buys at Sephora. I’m talking about walking into CVS for Q-Tips and toilet paper and somehow walking out with $97 worth of face scrub, body wash, and new long-lash mascara (that I will probably hate).

I don’t even know how it happens, but no matter how hard I try to stay within a budget, things just magically find their way into my basket that I just HAVE to have. And now, it looks like there’s a brand new beauty line that’s devoted to helping people with my affliction.

It’s called — get this — Brandless. And it’s hook is pretty simple: Each and every one of its products in $3. No more, no less.

The line offers a wide range of products, too, from personal care items like vitamins and hair care to household products like dish wash and even disposable tableware.

Image Source: Brandless

I know what you’re probably thinking right about now: “Obviously since it’s cheap, it must be crap.” But the answer to that one is a big fat nope.

Brandless products are all non-GMO, and depending on the product, are often organic, fair trade, kosher, gluten-free, and with no added sugar.

I mean, they even sell super tasty, 100% organic, gluten-free, no-artificial-anything popcorn, for crying out loud!

Image Source: Brandless

According to the brand’s website, the low price per product isn’t thanks to some revolutionary new change in production costs; it’s because most of the products we typically buy are ridiculously overpriced. And that’s all thanks to a little thing called BrandTax™ — AKA the hidden costs that are tacked on to products made by national brands.

“We’ve been trained to believe these costs increase quality, but they rarely do,” the website’s mission statement reads. “We estimate the average person pays at least 40 percent more for products of comparable quality as ours. And sometimes up to 370 percent more for beauty products like face cream.”

Um, WHAT. No wonder I fork over half my paycheck for beauty and personal care items.

Image Source: Brandless

In case you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this glorious company, that’s because it’s brand-spanking new. It’s based in both San Francisco and Minneapolis and was officially launched in July, with a mission “deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values.”

Its biggest motto? “Better stuff, fewer dollars.”

I sure do like the sound of that. (As does my bank account, which is currently weeping with joy over this news.)

Article Posted 12 months Ago

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