Bryan Cranston Is Writing a Breaking Bad Memoir

Bryan Cranston attends the 'No Half Measures: Creating The Final Season Of Breaking Bad' DVD launch held at Pacific Theatre in Los AngelesI Am the One Who Knocks, A Memoir by Walter White.

No Half Measures: My Life as a Southwestern Meth Kingpin

To Skyler, #Sorry#NotSorry

I’m just brainstorming here because Bryan Cranston has agreed to write a memoir for Scribner about his life and work on Breaking Bad.

Is there nothing this guy can’t do? From disco roller skating as the hapless dad on Malcolm in the Middle to cooking super good meth to acting on Broadway to facing down Japan’s most frightening monster, Cranston proves to be multi-talented. Now he’s going to add author to his list of been-there-done-that.

According to The New York Times, Cranston plans to “tell the stories of my life and reveal the secrets and lies that I lived with for six years shooting Breaking Bad.” Intriguing.

 Nan Graham, the publisher of Scribner, said that Bryan Cranston “writes the way he acts — with fierce commitment, intelligence and humor.”

Sounds like a pretty accurate description of Bryan Cranston to me. His upcoming blockbuster Godzilla looks like it will showcase his fierce commitment, especially.  I, for one, can not wait. It’s been too long, Walt!

I’m looking forward to reading about Cranston’s relationship with Aaron Paul. I know they grew close over the series and Paul looks to Cranston as a mentor, just like Jesse Pinkman looked up to Mr. White. One of the most painful betrayals in the series (and there were a lot) was Walt’s betrayal of Jesse Pinkman towards the end of his run as drug lord extraordinaire. Walt and Jesse’s relationship was genuine, complicated, and fraught. I believe it was grounded in a deep “real life” camaraderie between the two actors, which should make for some excellent reading.

Cranston’s memoir hits shelves fall of 2015. You could binge watch Breaking Bad a couple of times before the release date if you were fiercely committed. I say go for it.

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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