Busy Philipps Comes Clean About What Moms Really Want Most on Mother’s Day

Busy Philipps sits up in bed, smiling.
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Okay girlfriends, let’s be honest: What do we really want for Mother’s Day? Sure, we treasure our kids’ sweet handmade gifts, and flowers look beautiful on the dining room table. But so help the husband who suggests we all go to brunch.

Really? You mean wrestle our toddler into real-boy clothes (not Batman pajamas) and ask him 73 times throughout the meal to sit down, and if he has to go potty? While nearby diners silently judge our parenting? Really?

Hence the birth of what is quite possibly the realest hashtag EVER: #BanTheBrunch. It’s part of a new campaign launched by the mattress company Allswell, and it has celeb moms like Busy Philipps joining the cause and declaring that they’ll be spending their Mother’s Day in bed this year, thank you very much. (AKA the exact opposite of getting dressed, fighting the crowds, and wrangling the kids at a restaurant.)

“I’m so over going out to brunch on Mother’s Day,” Philipps’ admitted in a recent Instagram post for the campaign. “All I want this year is to spend the day in bed. Guessing I’m not alone.”

I’m willing to bet tired moms of young kids everywhere are saying SAME.

Busy Philipps lays in bed with a sleep mask covering her eyes.
Image source: Allswell

Can you imagine it? Having our loved ones bring us hot coffee and letting us binge-watch The Notebook and Fixer Upper all day while scrolling through Instagram? No butts to wipe, no mac and cheese to scrape up of the kitchen floor, and no refereeing over who gets the last pink popsicle.

Just you, your pillow, and maybe a little Ryan Gosling. Happy Mother’s Day to us!

Allswell actually backs up their campaign with some cold hard facts: The brand recently polled moms about what they want to do most on Mother’s Day and 65% shared that they’d rather have breakfast in bed than get dressed and go out to brunch.

So why don’t we just ask for that? According to the company’s research, “nearly half of moms said they’d feel guilty telling their families they want to spend the day in bed relaxing.”

LADIES. There’s something seriously wrong with this picture. And the folks at Allswell certainly agree.

“Speak up for what you want, whether that means sleeping late, cuddling in bed with your kids, or eating cake in bed,” a press release for the company urges. “After all, it’s your day to be the Supreme Queen.” (FYI, “Supreme Queen” just so happens to be the new name of Allswell’s King-sized mattress, which they’ve renamed this year in honor of moms everywhere, and are giving away to one lucky winner.)

It’s no surprise to see Philipps taking part in a campaign that reminds moms everywhere that Mother’s Day is OUR day, and we shouldn’t feel guilty in asking for what we really want. The celeb mom of two has always been pretty honest about all things parenthood, dishing on everything from limiting screen time (spoiler alert: she doesn’t) to why she thinks parents shouldn’t wait until their kids are older to book their dream vacation.

She’s also opened up about how motherhood has changed her, making her care less about appearances and looking “perfect,” and more about experiences.

“I want Bird to see her mom as a woman who is confident and real,” Philipps told People in 2011. ” … not someone who’s always trying too hard.”

But just like the rest of us, she too struggles with an aspect of motherhood that plagues us all: Doing all the things, and not quite mastering the art of saying “no.”

“I think learning to say no is very important,” she told People, “however I have not mastered that yet. I, in fact, feel like I say yes to everything — making cakes for other kids’ birthdays, doing improv shows at midnight, stranger’s podcast … the list goes on.”

Here’s to Philipps always keeping things real — I hope she gets that day in bed she deserves this Mother’s Day. But honestly, I hope we all do.

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