Can Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Afford a Vasectomy?

Tori Spelling attends 'The Helping Hand of Los Angeles'' annual Mother's Day luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los AngelesSo this is kind of interesting. Tori Spelling was talking about how money can be tight for her and husband Dean McDermott. She recently let it slip that they can’t afford a vasectomy.

I’m intrigued, because it’s so not my business — on a couple of levels. But if they want to give us this kind of look into their personal lives and finances, I’ll take it.

So then Dean explained that they probably can afford a vasectomy now, but as actors and celebrities, their finances fluctuate a lot. I’m guessing they don’t have insurance?

According to my local vasectomy clinic, most vasectomies are covered by insurance, and they cost less than 1/4th the price of a tubal ligation for women. Planned Parenthood estimates that a vasectomy costs as between 350-1000 bucks. I feel like Tori has bags in that price range, but I’m not sure.

Dean says, “Sometimes things are awesome, sometimes they’re just not. But it’s about how we tackle things as a couple, as a family. And we do a pretty good job of that. Right now we have so many cool things going on—We’re in an uptick.”

They have several projects in the works. Dean and Tori’s Backyard Bash just re-aired to great ratings, Dean will be the new host of Chopped Canada, and he has a cookbook coming out, The Gourmet Dad, in the spring. Tori’s book, Spelling It Like It Is, just launched.

And because we’re dying to know, he adds, “And, about that vasectomy thing? Could we afford a vasectomy? Probably. Was it a tougher time for us financially? Yeah. For sure. That’s just the truth of it—it’s the nature of this business,” he explains.

Let’s just hope the Affordable Health Care Act can make a difference for these 2 kids!

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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