Carrie Underwood’s Sound of Music Remake, Plus 14 Famous Remade Roles

sound-of-musicA special Sound of Music remake is airing live on NBC on Thursday, December 5, at 8pm EST, and even the original Maria says it’s time for another singer to put her mark on the lead role.

“Fifty years later, it’s time somebody had another crack at it,” Julie Andrews told Zap2It. “I had the best time of my life doing it, and it did wonderful things for me. I think it’s great that it’s being done again, but doing it live must be so daunting for Carrie.”

So that’s that, everybody. Julie has spoken. I know that the idea of Carrie Underwood in the role of nun turned governess turned wife of an Austrian Army captain and stepmother to seven singing children Maria von Trapp has been an adjustment for many people. Underwood said that she’s been getting negative feedback online.

“I get hate Tweets and stuff like, ‘You’re not Julie Andrews!’,” she said. “I know I’m not Julie. Nobody is, and I would never pretend that I was. I know my place.”

I don’t at all support spewing hatred, online or anywhere, but I admit that I do understand difficulty with seeing another face in the iconic role of Maria. If there is one actress that owns a part, I’d say it’s Julie Andrews in this one. I’d also argue that there are few roles, and few films, more beloved than this one in our collective cultural consciousness, so I understand the attachment and the difficulty in seeing anyone else try to fill Andrews’s formidable shoes. I remember when The Sound of Music was on television only once a year and my family stopped everything to watch it together. I can still sing every song backward, forward, up and down, and recite a fair amount of the dialogue, too. I don’t even like “The Lonely Goatherd,” but I will sing it for you, yes I will.

Viewers will see a remake of the original stage production starring Mary Martin, who was also famous for the title role in Peter Pan. Underwood’s co-stars are also quick to say that The Sound of Music as they’re performing it is not meant to be a dedicated remake of the film.

“It’s a televised version of the stage production. We’re not trying to remake the movie,” said Laura Benanti, who plays Baroness Elsa Schraeder. “No one can remake the movie.”

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Andrews knows this and supports Underwood’s effort anyway.

“I know they’re not doing the movie, though,” Andrews said. “They’re doing the Broadway show — that’s what they have the rights to — and I don’t know whether it will resonate similarly. In the movie, we cut some things from the stage version and added some songs. It’s a lovely piece, and I do hope it works for Carrie, because she’s lovely and I’m a fan. I wish her well.”

If Julie Andrews herself supports the idea? There is no Maria problem to solve, and that’s really all we need to know.

Carrie Underwood certainly isn’t the first actress and singer to take on a role first made famous by another famous woman. Let’s take a look at some more.

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