Celebrate Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary With Games, Toys, and More

tardis-cookie-jarWe’re just a day or so away from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, and Whovians are excited.

Actually, scratch that. Whovians are out of their minds excited about this show. The BBC and BBC America will simulcast the special in 2-D and gorgeous 3-D on Saturday. Here’s the trailer:

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Very cool.

Meanwhile, fun Doctor Who stuff is popping up all over the internet. Check out this Google Doodle, a game that includes all 11 doctors. (Doctors Who? Doctor Whos? Anyway, here’s a roundup so you can keep track of them all.) It’s only rolled out in New Zealand so far. Play as one of the doctors and avoid the Daleks, because as you likely know, not avoiding the Daleks can end poorly.

Do you know how I think Whovians should celebrate? Buying yourself presents, that’s how. Fifty years is a long time to build up a devoted fanbase like this, and 50th anniversaries are golden, after all. It’s probably even bad luck to miss them. If you haven’t already investigated the super extra large Tardis full of Doctor Who merchandise that can be yours (or your favorite Whovian’s), it is out there. No really, trust me. It is everywhere.

Here are some of the most fun things I found, for Doctor Who fans who like cool stuff.

  • Celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary with a present to yourself 1 of 16
  • The Eleventh Doctor Mr. Potato Head 2 of 16

    The 11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head has his sonic screwdriver in his hand and is ready to roll. It's $27.69 at Amazon

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Dalek Mr. Potato Head 3 of 16

    Watch out for the Dalek Mr. Potato Head. I'm not sure what he's going to do, but it's probably best to keep our eyes on him, I'm thinking. It's $24.49 at Amazon

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition Monopoly 4 of 16

    Whovian 50th Anniversary Monopoly is not your typical version of the game. There are six collectible tokens, including a scarf, bow tie, screwdriver, celery, recorder and umbrella. Players buy, sell, and trade iconic episodes from the series. $29.25 at Amazon. 

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition Yahtzee 5 of 16

    The dice cup is shaped like a TARDIS, and each die features a Doctor Who foe. I'm not sure there is a cooler way to play Yahtzee. It's $24.99 at Amazon

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Exploding Tardis Jigsaw Puzzle 6 of 16

    Can you multi-task? Get ready for the next episode with this exploding TARDIS puzzle ($14 at Amazon.)

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter 7 of 16

    If your Whovian really does have everything, and happens to like pizza, this Sonic Screwdriver pizza cutter is an obvious option. It's $29.95 at Amazon

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Doctor Who 11 Doctors Micro Figure Set 8 of 16

    Detailed, miniature figures of all 11 doctors come in a fancy TARDIS display box. Available at Amazon for $36.46

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Flight Control Tardis 9 of 16

    You know you want a TARDIS that makes sounds and has doors that open and close, right? You can have one. It's cool. It's $33.16 at Amazon

    Image credit: Amazon

  • TARDIS Mug 10 of 16

    Drink a little tea with your Doctor Who? The TARDIS mug ($20.40 at Amazon) is entirely appropriate. 

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia 11 of 16

    Want to catch up with the show that your friends can't seem to stop talking about? The Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia ($12.98 at Amazon) will help you make some sense of it all. 

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Dalek Stress Ball 12 of 16

    At $12.60 from Amazon, this Dalek stress ball is cheaper than yoga or therapy for handling any kind of show-related stress (or other stress, for that matter.)  

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Disappearing TARDIS Mug 13 of 16

    Want your TARDIS to disappear? Add hot liquid to this mug, and watch. $16.25 at Amazon. 

    Image credit: Amazon

  • Doctor Who Journal and Sonic Screwdriver Pen 14 of 16

    Thoughts during the show? About the show? This Doctor Who journal and sonic screwdriver pen as your new best friends. $22.94 at Amazon. 

    Image credit: Amazon

  • TARDIS and Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers 15 of 16

    "An epic struggle for the balance of taste in the universe" is the lofty description of this TARDIS vs. Dalek salt and pepper shaker set. It's $18.29 at Amazon

    Image credit: Amazon

  • TARDIS Cookie Jar 16 of 16

    This spiffy TARDIS will hold a great many cookies. It can be in your kitchen for $35.65 at Amazon. 

    Image credit: Amazon

Image credit: Amazon

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