Mrs. Doubtfire Turns 20 Years Old! 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Film

doubtfireOn November 24th, it will have been 20 years since the wonderful family movie Mrs. Doubtfire was released. Twenty years! I feel as old as Mrs. D hearing that!

The movie became the second highest grossing film of 1993 (beaten only by Jurassic Park). It starred Robin Williams as voiceover actor Daniel who is out of work and in the middle of a divorce. His ex-wife, played by Sally Field, wins custody of their three children, and Daniel is devastated. Hearing that his ex intends to employ a nanny to mind the kids, he applies for the job in the disguise of tough Scottish nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire. Will he get the job? Is his stunt just a catastrophe waiting to happen? I won’t spoil the plot for those who have yet to watch it!

I think it’s about time I dug my old VHS copy out and watched this classic movie again! Happy Birthday, Mrs. Doubtfire — you have certainly aged well!

To celebrate the birthday of one heck of a good movie, here are some fun facts for all you Doubtfire fans:

  • Tim Allen said: "No!" 1 of 10
    Actor Tim Allen speaks the Midnight Mission Golden Heart Awards 2013 at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills

    Tim Allen was offered the roles of both Mrs. Doubtfire/Daniel Hillard and Stu Denmeyer, but Allen rejected both ... Somehow I can't see Mrs. Doubtfire as anyone other than Robin Williams.

    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

  • The origins of Mrs. D? 2 of 10

    Mrs. Doubtfire's origins? The character was first performed by Robin Williams at a show Andy Kaufman did at Carnegie Hall. Williams pretended to be Kaufman's grandmother.

    Photo Credit: Wikicommons

  • Makeup? 3 of 10
    mask 2

    Robin Williams had to sit in the makeup chair for 4 and a half hours every day to be transformed to Mrs. D. The prosthetic mask used by Robin Williams in the film was actually a prop. The real makeup/face was made up of eight separate pieces.

    Photo credit: Twitter

  • Inspiration for Mrs. Doubtfire 4 of 10
    robin w

    Williams used traits of his real childhood nanny to characterize Mrs. Doubtfire. When British tabloids found this out, they went looking for her. They found his former nanny, "Lolly," in a Michigan nursing home, and the reporters and photographers flocked to the little town to get an interview with her. Lolly balked at the attention and downplayed her impressive role.

    Photo Credit: Wikicommons

  • Bridges Restaurant in the film… 5 of 10
    bridges 1

    The restaurant Bridges, featured in the film, is a real northern California restaurant.

    Photo credit: Flicker

  • Mrs. Doubtfire’s accent? 6 of 10
    being human

    Mrs. Doubtfire's accent was inspired by Bill Forsyth, the Scottish director that Williams had just worked with on Being Human

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  • But will the disguise work? 7 of 10
    adult 2

    According to one biography, Robin Williams decided to test out the believability of his Mrs. Doubtfire character during filming by going as Mrs. Doubtfire into an adult book store and browsing. He was able to do so without being recognized!

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  • Mrs. Doubtfire’s puppet… 8 of 10

    The puppet "Kovacs" (on Mrs. Doubtfire's TV show) is named after pioneering comic Ernie Kovacs.

    Photo credit: Wikicommons

  • HOW many takes? 9 of 10

    The scene where Daniel knocks the prosthetic mask out into the street required over 50 takes. 50!!

    Photo credit: Flicker

  • When it all melted… 10 of 10

    During the scene when Mrs. Sellner comes to inspect Daniel's apartment and Daniel/Mrs. Doubtfire serves her tea, the icing on her face starts melting off. This was not intentional. The heat from the set lights melted the icing on his face, and Robin Williams improvised the bulk of that scene.

    Photo credit: Flicker

Photo Credit: Amazon 

Source: IMDB

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