12 Instagram Photos That Prove Celebrities Really Are “Just Like Us”


Following celebrities on Instagram is something I’ve only begun doing recently. I don’t follow many celebrities on Twitter largely for reasons echoed in a post Zan McQuade wrote for The Daily Dot last year. Zan wrote, “My relationship with most celebrities has been seriously damaged by what they’ve revealed about themselves on Twitter.” Following celebrities on social media may break the illusion of perfection you have of some of them. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. Zan was not able to recover from discovering John Cusack, an actor she had swooned over in high school, was actually a horrible speller on Twitter.

Instagram, being the more visual social media medium, has allowed me to truly appreciate how funny and creative many celebrities on Instagram are. It’s also felt like more of a share of self than a Tweet. Jaime King shared her incredibly personal story of infertility and helped countless women and families by starting a dialogue about women’s health. Drew Barrymore often gives makeup tips on her Instagram account. For every celebrity on Instagram who is just sharing photo-ready and glamazon images, there are countless other celebs who are gently letting us into little pockets of their everyday life.

I always crack up at the phrase, “They’re just like us,” because sometimes: OF COURSE THEY ARE, and sometimes: oh, hell no, they are NOT. However, when you start to see parts of your life or a version of your life mirrored in a celebrity’s life, it makes you realize we all yearn to capture the same moments. Sure, Gisele may capture her family’s beach vacation by Instagramming a breathtaking image of her performing a cartwheel on the beach, but when I take a vacation on the beach, I also want to capture myself being happy there. A cartwheel vs. my cheese grin is not really a competition, as we are both moms expressing glee and delight. Our lives are not the same, but what we want to remember sure is.


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