Chewbacca Actor Tweets Incredible Behind-the-Scenes Star Wars Pics

The guy inside the fuzzy Wookiee suit, Peter Mayhew, has been tweeting out incredible photos from the sets of all of the Star Wars films. There are shots of the actors we know and love goofing around with their costumes half-on and a good many of a young bikini-clad Carrie Fisher who Mayhew appears to be quite fond of. Mayhew’s tweeted that he has thousands of photos in his archive. Take a look through this sampling and follow @TheWookieRoars for more!

  • Leia and Chewy 1 of 20
    carrieandchewy jpg

    Peter Mahew inside the Chewy suit with Carrie Fisher who he was clearly extremely fond of. 

  • Carrie and Luke 2 of 20

    The famous metal bikini. But why is Luke wearing a tablecloth?

  • Han Solo, C-3PO, Leia, and Chewy 3 of 20

    Peter is the tall guy on the right and that's Anthony Daniels, aka C-3PO, between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. 


  • Alec Guinness Birthday Party 4 of 20

    A shot of the great Alec Guinness's birthday party on set in Tunisia.


  • The Importance of Caffeine 5 of 20

    Apparently Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) was fierce until he had his morning cup of coffee. 


  • C-3PO Takes 5 6 of 20

    This is how Anthony Daniels got a break from the sun on set. 

  • Double Princess 7 of 20

    Carrie Fisher and her stunt double. Peter's Twitter caption for this one says, "You're Welcome." 



  • That Hairdo 8 of 20

    A super young looking Carrie Fisher in her iconic side buns. 

  • Lady in White 9 of 20

    Peter's caption reads, "Internet, you're going to like this one."

  • Carrying Carrie 10 of 20

    Peter and a teeny looking Carrie on the backlot presumably celebrating with a giant bottle of wine.  



  • This Tme in Costume 11 of 20

    He looks enormous! The caption to this one: "Mine, you hear me, all mine!"

  • Luke in Trouble 12 of 20

    Luke gets reprimanded. That's Peter in the back, right. 

  • George Lucas on Set 13 of 20

    George Lucas tries out Luke's weapon. 

  • Dancing? 14 of 20

    Han and Luke joking around in their matching pants. 


  • Han Solo’s Had It 15 of 20
    Hansolo jpg

    Harrison Ford plays around with his space gun.

  • Talking About the Force 16 of 20
    lucasandobe jpg

    Alec Guinness and George Lucas have a chat in between takes. 

  • Early C-3PO Design 17 of 20
    originalc3po jpg

    Doesn't this look ridiculous? Those tights! But it may have been easier to walk in. 

  • Princess Hug 18 of 20
    princesshug jpg

    An 11-year-old Warwick Davis played an Ewok. He said Carrie would feed him cookies and chocolate milk.

  • Rehersal 19 of 20
    scriptreads jpg

    The cast prepped with script reads before filming. 

  • Yoda! 20 of 20
    yodamakeup jpg

    Yoda designer Stuart Freeborn next to his creation. Don't they kind of look alike?

Images via Twitter/TheWookieRoars

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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