Chewbacca Mom Continues to Live the Dream, Gets Private Tour of Lucasfilm Studios

If you haven’t seen Candace Payne’s hilarious video yet, you’ve probably been hiding under the Death Star for the past few days.

From chatting it up with GMA and carpooling with James Corden and J.J. Abrams, to riding bikes at Facebook, “Chewbacca Mom” and her infectious laughter have been all over the place this week! The latest stop on her tour? Lucasfilm Studios and The Star Wars Show!

We’re sure she felt most at home with fellow Star Wars lovers, especially after host Andi Gutierrez dubbed her “the most popular woman in the galaxy right now.”

Payne, who we know is living her best life this week, described the situation in one word: “Crazy.” She continued, “I still don’t even believe I’m in my body sometimes … this is real and I need to breathe in and breathe out.”

While Payne has definitely had her fill of Star Wars EVERYTHING this week, nothing tops getting an actual tour of the studios that made these fantastic movies happen. Payne, who was clad in classic Star Wars attire, gushed:

“It just brings you back to nostalgia and your childhood. I’m telling you, Lucasfilm has done something remarkable to where it has brought story into sci-fi. It makes me drawn to it on a heart-level.”

Image source: Lucasfilms
Image source: Lucasfilm

As if we didn’t love Payne enough for making us giggle like little girls at our desks (yes — that includes the grown men in our office), now her Star Wars enthusiasm is truly touching our hearts. When asked what her favorite Star Wars parenting moment was, she said it was seeing her husband and son cuddling on the couch in matching Chewy onesies.

She recalled the memory saying:

“They’re both in their Chewbacca onesies and I was like ‘I don’t think my heart has ever been more full in my entire life… My two favorite guys in the world dressed as Chewbacca.’ I just wanted Wookiee love right then.”

Other major revelations from the interview? Payne wasn’t always a Star Wars fan! Her husband introduced her to the films 15 years ago and she has been “wrapped in the saga” ever since.

Image source: Lucasfilm
Image source: Lucasfilm

Finally, we’re so glad Payne addressed something we’ve all been wondering — what will she take away from her moment in the spotlight?

She said:

“When this experience ends the thing I’m going to remember is a moment that happened in my kitchen on Friday when it broke about 30 million views. I turned off everything that had a ding or a notification … and I just got facedown on my kitchen floor and I said, ‘Thank you God.'”

That’s the magic of the Internet, people.

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