This Family Created a Winter Wonderland Inside Their House, and It Will Blow You Away

If you’re that person who breaks out the Christmas decorations and holiday music as soon as the last trick-or-treater comes to your door (and why wouldn’t you), this story will restore your faith in all that is Christmas.

This year, Chris Hanks and his family decided they were going to scale back their usual outdoor Christmas display and instead, create a “Christmas Room” inside.

But I’m not talking about any old Christmas room, here … I’m talking about a straight-up winter wonderland. Literally.

Image Source: Chris Hanks/Facebook

Hanks posted a video of his Christmas room last week (which you can — and should — check out right here), and needless to say, it’s since gone super viral.

It’s also an instant reminder that there are two types of people in this world — the ones who can’t wait to drape every square inch of their homes in holiday magic … and the rest of the population.

Image Source: Chris Hanks/Facebook

I gotta admit, I fall into the former category myself when it comes to the holidays. If you aren’t playing Christmas music come July, we probably can’t be friends. But if you decide to decorate the inside of your home with the same vigor as the outside … well, I will forever bow at your feet.

Hanks tells Babble that he always loved Christmas as a kid, and that he still loves the holiday today just as much.

“I get so excited at Christmas, but I don’t let my kids wake me up,” he shares. “I typically wake them up before 6 AM because I don’t like to wait. It has kind of become a tradition in my house with my children. I did it to my mom and dad growing up and now I do it to my children.”

Image Source: Chris Hanks/Facebook

It’s pretty clear by the level of detail that went into the room that the rest of the Hanks family also appreciates the Christmas season as much as their dad does.

“It started because my wife loves Christmas lights outside,” Hanks shares, “however I really don’t like putting them up on the house or taking them down. This year I compromised with her for me to do Christmas lights and I told her that I would [make] a Christmas room this year if she would let me. This was what I had in mind.”

Hanks adds that he wanted his family to walk through a room that felt like they were walking through the woods looking for the perfect Christmas tree. And he clearly delivered.

Image Source: Chris Hanks/Facebook

“They would see the decorated tree that would stop them,” says Hanks. “They would then look at their feet to notice the perfectly swept stone path they were walking on, to glance up and see the lamp, then the mail box and the elf size bench. It would be in that monument they would say to themselves, ‘Wow’ because they just realized where they were.”

Image Source: Chris Hanks/Facebook

Seriously, can he please come to my house and work his magic, because this is the most intricate indoor holiday display I have ever seen, and I literally want to live in it from now until December 26.

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