Chrissy Teigen Gets Super Honest (Yet Again): “Kids Can Kinda Be a Buzzkill Sometimes”

Chrissy Teigen nailed a cold hard truth about parenthood once again on Instagram this week — and MAN do I feel her. The supermodel mom and wife of musician John Legend recently posted an awesome photo of her 32nd birthday bash on Instagram, in which guests dressed up as retro 60’s PanAm flight captains and attendants.

The post was clearly intended as a special thank you to everyone who helped pulled it off, but there was one particular sentence embedded in the thank you’s that has moms and dads everywhere saying YEP.

“Everything is better with you and Lu,” Teigen wrote. “Well, not everything is better with Lu … honestly kids can kinda be a buzzkill sometimes. But we won’t tell her and I’ll delete this before she can read.”

The post has been liked over 680K times, and as a mother of three I just want to assume that all those likes are less about the insanely sexy and hilarious polyester suits in the photo, and definitely all about Teigen’s admission that even when your life is #blessed, kids are … well, KIDS. They’re loud, they’re often tyrannical, and they ruin stuff. All. The. Damn. Time.

That said, they’re also pretty darn cute. I mean, let’s just time out for a second and talk about how adorable Luna is in this recent Instagram photo, donning  her first set of pigtails. GAH!

As a seasoned mom, though, I have to wonder if right after that super cute photo was taken, Luna didn’t act exactly like every other kid, and do something totally predictable and yet still infuriating. Like flip out because her food was touching. Or spend 13 minutes and 58 excruciating seconds trying to re-Velcro her shoes “just the right way.”

Kids are funny, sweet, and mesmerizing little beings who teach us many valuable lessons in life about love, patience, and why grandma was a freaking genius for putting plastic on all her furniture. But they are also really great at zapping our energy and making us both yearn for adult time doing anything not kid-themed while simultaneously making us feel guilty for wanting time off and worse, actually booking the sitter, making the plans, and taking that time off.

For all the glitz and glamor of Teigen’s world, I gotta say, it feels pretty refreshing to see that even she knows the SERIOUS struggle of raising kids — as well as the incredible beauty of it.

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