Twitter User Asks Chrissy Teigen Why She Didn’t “Try Naturally” — and Her Response Is Perfect

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If we’ve learned anything about Chrissy Teigen by now, it’s this: She’s as real as they come.

She bares her stretch marks proudly. She isn’t afraid to talk about the weird parts of postpartum life (ahem, perineal irrigation bottles, anyone?). And don’t even mess with her on Twitter, because she takes down Internet trolls with a stealth-like brilliance — and she’s proven it yet again.

According to Marie Claire, it all started over the weekend, when Teigen was interviewed on the red carpet of the Producers Guild Awards and got to talking with Entertainment Tonight about her future baby plans with husband John Legend. “A little boy is next for sure,” she shared, which apparently sent tongues all over Twitter wagging.

All the Internet chatter eventually forced Teigen to send out a tweet herself, explaining why she was so sure she’d be having a boy next: “Since this is coming up again, I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left. A boy. So. Yeah. And no, I am not pregnant.”

But apparently, that wasn’t enough to quiet the Twitterverse. Or, at least one Twitter user who tweets under the handle @cecelia1555.  According to her Twitter bio, @cecelia1555 loves “annoying obnoxious celebs with MY amendment rights granted by our Constitution!”

Apparently, that includes advising celebs about how they should be going about their baby-making business, too.

In her blunt tweet, @cecelia1555 asked Teigen: Did you give it a minute to try naturally or are you avoiding ‘the act?’ At least no political rants!”

Telling someone how they should or should not go about having their baby can feel nosy and insensitive enough to a new mom; but doing it to someone who’s been so open and honest about her struggles to conceive? That can feel even worse.

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Just last year, Teigen opened up to US Weekly about how difficult it was to fend off the many baby questions that came her way while trying to conceive:

“I will say, just two years into being married, the questions just come from all over. It’s kind of crazy, because I can’t imagine being that nosy to be like, ‘So, when are the kids coming?’ Because who knows what somebody’s going through? Who knows if somebody’s struggling to have children?”

And as Teigen shared with FABLife in 2015, she struggled to conceive for a while before seeking the help of fertility doctors:

“We would have had kids five, six years ago if it had happened, but my gosh, it’s been a process,” she said. “Anytime somebody asks me if I’m gonna have kids, I’m like, ‘One day, you’re gonna ask that to the wrong girl who is really struggling, and it’s gonna be really hurtful to them.'”

And that’s exactly how Teigen likely felt after reading @cecelia1555’s tweet.

In one and feisty tweet, the supermodel clapped back, writing: “Hi Linda, thanks for asking, you complete witch. I tried for about 9 years. Anything else, let me know!”

Aaaaaand that folks is how you officially put an end to all the baby questions. (Well, at least the insensitive ones.)

Thanks for showing us how it’s done, Chrissy.

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