Chrissy Teigen “Trolling” Brooklyn Decker with Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice Is Comedy Gold

Like it or not, we’ve entered an era where Facebook comment sections have basically become little Thunder Domes for Internet trolls, who regularly toss around “witty” smackdowns to total strangers, without thinking twice. Sadly, none of us are safe — not even Chrissy Teigen, who’s gotten her fair share of Internet hate and mom-shaming heaped upon her Twitter page to last a lifetime.

But this week, the tables were turned when Teigen took to Instagram to troll none other than her pregnant friend and fellow fashion model, Brooklyn Decker. But don’t worry; it was all in good fun.

Decker had recently posted a rather sad picture of her swollen ankles, a plight most pregnant women are super familiar with. That’s when Teigen — who’s always quick on the draw when it comes to punchlines — took the opportunity to give her BFF some unsolicited advice. (You know, because pregnant moms don’t already get enough of that stuff!)

“I don’t even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore,” Decker captioned her post.

It didn’t take long before Teigen spotted it, and whipped up a witty (albeit snarky) response that she left in the comments: “Wow gross u need to see a doctor!!!! This isn’t normal. Did u eat tuna????”

She didn’t just end there, though. That’s when Teigen brought out the real sanctimommy stuff, adding: “Pregnant women cannot consume more than 3 tunas a day. Once ur foot gets a taste for the tuna it swells to reject the mercury. This is. Dangerous game u are playing #dangerous.”

Later, she added: “I have a blog if u wanna visit (and comment !) hppt://iamthesmartestmom.blogspot.vzw.blackberry.net/tuna”

(Sounds legit!)

Fans got in on the humorous exchange, too — including one women who left my personal favorite response: “@chrissyteigen @brooklyndecker everyone knows ankle swelling occurs as a direct result of mercury being in retrograde duh”.

Sadly, not everyone was picking up the humor, as the joke appeared to be lost on plenty of Instagrammers. “kelbyblosser@heatherbarkis right?! How one woman tells another its ‘gross’ is beyond me. And I’m pretty sure I never ate tuna and swelled like this and worse!”

Do yourself a favor and scroll through the comment section for yourself, because it’s pure comedy gold. And can I just say, thank goodness for public friendships like Teigen’s and Decker’s, because as a mom of three myself, following their journey through pregnancy and beyond has had me over here LOLing.

Still, though all in jest, Teigen’s post does throw some thinly veiled shade at all of the anonymous Internet commenters out there who think nothing of doling out some unsolicited parenting advice or publicly shaming a mom they don’t even know. (Seriously — can that just end already?)

And as a final note, as a former mom blogger (and current mom blog reader) myself, I for one would like to start a petition to convince Teigen to please, for the love of all that is funny and awesome, actually start that mom blog. I know millions of people (literally) who would LOVE to read it.

Article Posted 9 months Ago

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