Chrissy Teigen Begs Twitter for Help with Pregnancy Headaches: “I Need Witchcraft”

In typical Chrissy Teigen fashion, the down to earth celebrity got real (again) last night on Twitter.

She’s been outspoken in the past about the challenges of parenthood, like her struggle with postpartum depression. But this time she spoke about an issue that affects many women: pregnancy headaches.

Teigen is suffering so badly, she reached out to her Twitter followers in a plea for advice:

I truly feel for Chrissy on this one. When I was pregnant with my children, the headaches were so severe (coupled with hyperemesis gravidarum), that I could barely see straight. But I don’t remember hearing about anyone else who was suffering like I was.

I wondered what I was doing wrong to make the headaches keep coming back. I didn’t know if it was my diet, my inability to exercise (because I was constantly throwing up), or something else that was the cause. I took advantage of all the advice I could find on the internet and from care providers, along with all the remedies Teigen mentions in her post. Unfortunately, nothing could stop the raging headaches that rendered me incapacitated.

It would’ve been somewhat of a comfort to hear that I was not alone in my struggle from a well-known celebrity, like Teigen. Many women experience severe headaches during pregnancy. In fact, according to the American Pregnancy Association, many women experience their first migraine while pregnant. So while it’s not uncommon, if we aren’t hearing from other moms-to-be who are suffering in the same way, we can begin feeling isolated by our lack of pregnancy bliss.

Even though we know our bodies are working hard during pregnancy, sometimes we’re still treated as if we should be enjoying every moment of our pregnancies. For some, those 40 weeks just don’t look or feel blissful; I know they didn’t for me!

Pregnant women can be nauseous and bloated and downright miserable at times. Pregnancy headaches can be quite severe. Increases in blood volume and shifting hormones can be a recipe for major pain. But how often do we hear about it, especially from someone with Teigen’s platform? Not that often. But it seems some celebrities are becoming more outspoken about their pregnancy and parenting issues with the help of Twitter.

That’s right. Teigen isn’t the only celebrity using Twitter for pregnancy or baby advice. Serena Williams recently called upon Twitter to ask for some breastfeeding advice, and was assured by over 2K commenters that she was doing just fine, and that what she was feeling was completely normal.

The wave of celebrities sharing their parenting-related struggles is a welcome shift from the centuries-old “enjoy every moment” sentiment. It helps normalize our struggles and makes us feel less alone. And no one’s pregnancy or parenting journey is perfect.

Thanks to Chrissy for reminding us of that. And here’s to hoping she gets some much-needed relief soon.

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