Chrissy Teigen Responds to Mean Tweets on Her Parenting: “Imagine Being This Miserable”

Seriously — what is it about celebs that makes people think they can say any little judgmental thing that comes to mind, without thinking twice? I’m pretty sure Chrissy Teigen was wondering this too recently when she was once again trolled on Twitter by strangers.

Chrissy Teigen — the mega-successful supermodel wife of John Legend, and mother of the adorable baby Luna — has become one of the Internet’s most beloved celeb moms in the last year, for her honest take on everything from changing diapers to dealing with postpartum depression. (Heck, she even makes fun of her husband in a lovingly hilarious way that gives us all marriage goals.) But one o the biggest drawbacks of being super famous, with 4 million Twitter followers alone, is that not everyone’s there to root for you. In fact, Teigen regularly encounters harsh tweets from strangers who enjoy commenting on both her parenting choices and her daughter. But she doesn’t just look the other way — instead, she claps back with her unique brand of witty one-liners that often put her critics right in their place. And one of her latest tweets was no exception.

In a March 10 tweet, Teigan shared a screenshot of some of the most pointedly rude comments made about her parenting skills. And believe me — her critics said some truly mean things.

One person made a bizarre observation about the apparent emotional state of Teigen’s child, writing: “That baby never shows emotion. She never smiles or frys [sic]. Its weird.”

Another called Teigen out for how she chose to dress her child: “Golden rule of dressing babies is however many layers you are wearing plus and extra one! common sense really”

And then there was this snide and uncalled for remark: “They both have jackets on and they can’t even put a pair of socks on the poor baby.”

(It’s pretty clear these people never heard of that old piece of sage advice, ‘if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all’.)

Lucky for us, though, Teigen can take care of herself: Along with a screenshot of the rude comments, she responded in classic Teigen-style, with this short but sweet caption: “Imagine being this miserable. We’re fine, thanks.”

Yep — straight-up classy.

Though she did follow things up with a more “colorful” tweet just minutes later, writing: “Some people are just hell bent on being the f*cking worst.”

Social media is a fantastic place for parents to rapidly share images of kids, recipes, family stories, and news — which is a huge reason why parents love it so much. Unfortunately, an obnoxious reality is that for every mom out there just trying to post her daily laughs or even struggles (or heck, just share a cute outfit) there are at least two others out there in the virtual ether waiting with a snarky response that’s meant to do little more than cut someone down. And when it comes to that nonsense, we all need to do better.

But until the day comes where the Mommy Wars are no more, kudos to Chrissy Teigen and her fabulous clap-backs — may her Twitter feed never go dark.

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