Christy Turlington Burns on the Moments When Yoga Helps Her Parenting

PV0913_COVER_NEWS_LOPretty soon, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this ’90s-era supermodel. At 44-years-old, Christy Turlington Burns is doing her first underwear campaign in 10 years — Mario Sorenti shot it for Calvin Klein‘s Fall 2013 line. And her motivation for taking the gig is 100% ulterior, as she explains to Prevention magazine.

“Everything I do now is barter,” says Christy. What she means is, she’s only interested in using her modeling platform as an opportunity to raise awareness for the project that she’s most passionate about, the non-profit she created in 201o called Every Mother Counts. EMC is dedicated to preventing the nearly 300,000 maternal deaths that occur each year around the world from pregnancy and child-birth related complications.

“The numbers are staggering,” she says, “So that’s my every day. It’s beyond every day. It’s everything I do.”

The idea came to her as a result of her own post-birth scare. After she had her daughter Grace in 2003, she hemorrhaged even though her pregnancy and delivery were a breeze.

Christy also shares her attitudes towards aging, especially in front of the camera. “I associate wisdom and grace with age,” she says. “I’m 44. This is midlife. The way I try to live is: Be here now. Be your best self now.”

Her yoga practice helps her immensely with that goal. And not just when she’s striking poses on her yoga mat.

“The biggest thing I’ve taken from yoga is … living yoga daily. And I do that every day to the best of my ability. There are always challenges. As a parent, I can get so frustrated. Any parent can! But then my yoga that day is parenting. It’s learning patience. With my advocacy work, too, there are so many obstacles,” she says, “so the yoga is sticking with it no mater what.”

Photo courtesy of Prevention Magazine

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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