13 Celebs Who’d Make Epic Commencement Speeches

Tis the season for celebrity commencement speeches. Some of the speakers announced for the class of 2013 sound fantastic. I would LOVE to have heard Julie Andrews speak at the University of Colorado or Annie Lennox at Berklee College of Music. Tomorrow night Stephen Colbert will be the commencement speaker at the University Of Virginia and you just know that will be amazing.

I asked some of my friends which celebrity they would have loved to have heard from on the day they graduated. I loved that their answers ranged from eye candy to humor to one answer that made me cry. Is there a celebrity that you wish had spoken to your graduating class?

Commencement Speakers Wish List:

  • Ryan 1 of 13
    We wish Ryan had given us a graduation speech

    Liz at Am I a Funny Girl (she absolutely is) wouldn't necessarily need Ryan Gosling to speak at a Graduation Ceremony. He can "just stand there and look pretty."


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  • Tina and Amy 2 of 13
    We wish Tina and Amy spoke at our graduation

    Liz also says that she would like to see a graduation speech from Tina and Amy as they have, "Just the right amount of wit and wisdom, humor and sass that I'd want to send me out into the "real" world."


    I couldn't agree more. They can host every award show and emcee every event as far as I am concerned.


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  • Brene Brown 3 of 13
    We wish Brene Brown spoke at our graduation

    When I talked to my friend Casey from Life With Roozle about graduation and who she would want to hear from she wanted to know, "high school or college"? I didn't realize it would make such a difference in her answer, but, wow, it really did.


    From Casey, "If I were able to choose who would speak at my college graduation, back when I was in college, I'd choose Brene Brown. I was just at the beginning of my coming out process when graduating college. It was a very hard, defensive time for me. I've spent years correcting that. If I had been able to learn then what I've learned now about vulnerability and courage, the course of the beginning of my adulthood would've been shaped in an incredibly powerful way. I believed that vulnerability was weakness. That sharing my dreams and trying and wanting more indicated brokenness, not freedom and strength."



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  • Sinatra 4 of 13
    we wish Sinatra spoke at our graduation

    Lee from CoupleDumb laughed at me. There is no WAY any celebrity could trump the ACTUAL celebrity that she had speak at her graduation. She had Sinatra!


    She says, "he was old but spunky."


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  • Bono 5 of 13
    We wish Bono spoke at our graduation

    Natalie, who works with celebrities every day at Hollywood Hot Moms, said she would be thrilled to hear a graduation speech from Bono. 


    She says, "He does so much to help fix the world and I don't think he is fame hungry, just genuinely concerned. Plus his accent is lovely."


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  • Madonna 6 of 13
    We wish Madonna spoke at our graduation

    The wonderful Hillary from My Scraps says she would love to know what Madonna would say at a commencement ceremony. 


    Hillary says, " Madonna is a mistress of reinvention. She has the ability to morph into her next stage that is bigger and better -just when you thought she couldn't get any bigger or better."


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  • Sandra and Margaret 7 of 13
    We wish Sandra and Margaret spoke at our graduation

    I wasn't surprised that Jill from Musings from Me thought of two strong women, one from here and one from across the pond, that she thought would make great graduation speakers. 


    A few years ago it would have been really interesting to see Sandra Day O'Connor and Margaret Thatcher on stage together. Sadly we know this is no longer possible.


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  • Judy 8 of 13
    We wish Judy spoke at our graduation

    Anne from Not a Supermom says she would love to have had Judy Blume speak at her college graduation. "She shaped my youth and still inspires me today."


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  • Bill 9 of 13
    We wish Bill spoke at our graduation

    Beth from Hip Mama B told me that she would have loved to have heard a graduation speech from Bill Clinton.


    Beth is in for a little treat because our former President just gave a commencement speech at Howard University last Saturday. 


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  • Wanda and Kathy 10 of 13
    We wish Wanda and Kathy spoke at our graduation

    I adore the dynamic duo that is Tina and Amy. But I imagine they are kind of busy. I think it is time that we start grooming the B team. I have thought a lot about this. (way too much) I have decided that Wanda Sykes and Kathy Griffin should start giving graduation or keynote speeches together. 


    I dream big!


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  • Oprah 11 of 13
    We wish Oprah spoke at our graduation

    Tania, who is the only blogger I know with her own perfume line, says that it would have been amazing to have had Oprah as a graduation day speaker.


    Tania says this about Oprah, "What she has done with her life has been incredibly inspirational. The wisdom she shares has changed my life."


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  • Geena 12 of 13
    We wish Geena spoke at our graduation

    Geena Davis is who Amiyrah from Four Hats and Frugal would be honored to hear speak. 


    Amiyrah says, "I've always loved that she's passionate about her art of acting and is highly intelligent (member of MENSA). She shows that being a artist doesn't have to mean giving up your intellect. You can do both and be successful."


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  • Ellen 13 of 13
    We wish Ellen would speak at our Graduation

    My wonderful friend Sandra from West Philly Mama says she would have loved to have had Ellen give her a graduation speech. 


    She says, "It would be hilarious, plus she's been through some real adversity and I love her message of kindness, no matter how much hate is thrown at you."


    Watch Ellen DeGeneres from Tulane's 2009 Commencement Speech.

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