This Couple Loves Costco So Much, They Got Married Right in the Food Court

We all know how huge the pressure can be to put on a great wedding. Some pay thousands, if not tens of thousands, to stage their “I Do’s” in the grandest way possible. But Australian couple Sue and Eli Bob decided to go a different route when planning their September nuptials — by keeping it simple, and focused on what really matters: true love.

So on Saturday, September 23, before 90 close friends and family (and a few onlooking customers), the couple tied the knot in their favorite place: their local Costco.

Image Source: Sue Bob

“Eli and I are not rich people, [and] we have both been married [before],” the bride tells Babble. “We didn’t feel the need or want to have a massive expensive wedding. So the desire to get into any amount of debt for a wedding was totally out of the question.”

Considering the average cost of a wedding in Australia is about $36,000 (compared to $35,000 in the U.S.), I’m thinking this idea to save some major bucks was pretty genius.

“Since we are at Costco several times a week — me more than Eli (I’ve been known to be there 3-4 times each week),” Sue continues, “people would make comments in jest, like, ‘You should get married there because you are there all the time!'”

And apparently, that’s just what they did.

Image Source: Sue Bob

While making her way down the “aisle,” Sue walked through the tire department (weaving in and out of surprised shoppers), and right into the food court, where she saw Eli waiting for her.

“We had a sand ceremony,” she explains. “Eli, myself, and my two sons Adam and Josh each had [on] different colors. It looked amazing.”

Photos of the ceremony — as well as the unique decor — have been going viral since the weekend. And with good reason!

wedding sign
Image Source: Nick Triantafillou/xelfer via Instagram

From the rose-petaled archway to the beautiful table runners and place cards, the Bobs’ nuptials were simple, tasteful, uniquely them.

Image Source: Nick Triantafillou/xelfer via Instagram

In the end, Sue says the wedding was more than she could have hoped for. “Costco went above and beyond what I had expected and we were totally thrilled by their mammoth effort,” she says. “My favorite part was walking in and seeing Eli standing near the Arbor, the rose petal heart on the floor and looking at the amazing decorated tables filled with guests along with the customers lining the outskirts.”

Another plus? They saved even more money than they probably expected — because the reception was absolutely free!

“We didn’t need to pay to have the reception there,” Sue explains. “We did pay for the food and drinks [though]. The decorations including the arbor were a gift to us from Costco.”

Image Source: Sue Bob

Lucky guests (who the couple was able to feed at $10 a head) dined on classic Costco hot dogs, pizza, unlimited fountain soda, and, you guessed it — a Costco cake, frosted with the store logo, of course.

Image Source: Sue Bob

“She loves this place so much,” Sue’s son Josh told A Current Affair. “She’s here all the time and it’s like a second home to her, so when she told me [about the wedding] it just made sense to me.”

It makes so much sense in fact, that I’m willing to bet will surely this will spark some copycats wanting to get married in their own version of everyday heaven. (Target wedding, anyone?)

Image Source: Sue Bob

While this isn’t the first time Costco has said “yes” to a wedding in-store, Sue and Eli will be the first couple to wed in a Costco in Australia — and it’s nice to see that it was everything they hoped for, and more.

Here’s to the happy couple!

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