This Couple Who Took Their Wedding Photos at Target Are #Goals

Image Source: Evan Rich Photography

If there’s one place I can count on to always put me in a good mood (and put a dent in my wallet) it’s Target — the one-stop shopping destination where you can find anything and everything you need (plus a whole lot of stuff that you don’t).

And Target isn’t just a great place to shop — it’s also the perfect spot to get some exercise when it’s too cold to walk outside, to waste time in between outings, and to mosey around socializing with a Starbucks drink in hand.

But one couple from Miami is showing the Internet that Target can even be the backdrop for amazing wedding photos. Michael Delvalle and Isabella Sablan tied the knot on January 26 after a courtship that began in 2009, when the two worked together at Hollister and discovered that they actually attended the same college. While dating, Delvalle and Sablan often found themselves at Target two or three times a week, according to The Daily Meal. Delvalle tells Babble that he and his now-wife definitely share a passion “for the super swanky superstore.”

Image Source: Evan Rich Photography

When it came time to decide on a location for their wedding photos, the pair wanted to pick a spot that spoke to their personalities — and they weren’t afraid of going outside the box.

“Anyone can take great pictures at the beach or the park,” says Delvalle. “But we wanted something completely unconventional that we can look at 50 years from now and instantly recall how awesome the experience was. We chose Target because we’ve always had so much fun going on Target runs, and we knew instantly that that was the perfect spot for our shoot.”

Delvalle explains that Target was actually a “pit stop” for the couple on the way to their ceremony at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. Around 1 p.m. on a Friday, the bride and groom and their photographer, Evan Rich, stopped at a Target in North Miami, where the couple walked the aisles hand-in-hand, posing and kissing for the camera, with carts, frozen pizza, and throw pillows in hand.

Image Source: Evan Rich Photography

“It was a bit awkward at first, walking around the store runway-ready,” Delvalle admits. “But Evan made us feel extremely comfortable in the element. Onlookers were actually congratulating us as they walked by.”

While Target may seem like one of the most unusual places to take wedding photos, The Daily Meal reports that getting married in shops and restaurants is becoming more popular these days. One couple recently said “I do” at a Whole Foods in North Carolina, and not long ago, another pair tied the knot at a Taco Bell in Las Vegas.

While Rich had never done a photo shoot quite like this before, he says he was very excited about the idea.

Image Source: Evan Rich Photography

“I took this as a great challenge in documenting love,” Rich tells Babble. “It is very trendy at the moment to take couples on grand outdoor adventures to photograph them in epic aspirational settings, such as mountain tops with sweeping vistas. But the truth is that there is a lot of love in our every day life in much more mundane settings, yet settings that have much more of a personal connection to us because they are true to life.”

The 27-year-old newlyweds tell Babble that they’ve been pleasantly surprised at how positively people have responded to their unique photos.

“We definitely did not think that would happen, but it’s fun watching it spread and reading all the comments of how everyone wants to drag their spouses to the nearest Target to be next! We hope we’ve inspired a trend to just be yourselves and enjoy the beauty of it.”

I think I’ll now add “awesome photo ops” to my list of reasons to go to Target.

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