10 Creative Gifts for People Who Love The Hobbit

First thing’s first, who DOESN’T love The Hobbit?

I do. You do. Your kids do. Your parents do. Your spouse does.

Whether you are a diehard book lover quoting chapter and verse at your Middle Earth discussion group or are new to the story thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch’s voicing of Smaug in the newest Hobbit movie, there are many glorious Hobbit-inspired things in this world to admire, wish for, buy, put on your Christmas list, or wrap up for everyone on your list.

The world J.R.R. Tolkien created in 1937 was powerful enough — mythical enough — to reverberate in the [real?] world for generations. And now — I shudder to think of it — any fool with $100 can buy their own ring to rule them all.

Take a look at these 10 creative gifts for people who love The Hobbit.

  • Creative Gifts for People Who Love The Hobbit 1 of 11
  • Ring 2 of 11

    Think you've got what it takes to be the ring bearer? Good luck with that. And remember how things turned out for Gollum.

    Available from The Hobbit Shop for $109.95

  • Beard Shirt 3 of 11

    Beards are big in Middle Earth. Here, 15 of Middle Earth's most iconic beards are commemorated on a T-shirt.

    Available from ThinkGeek for $19.99

  • Sting 4 of 11

    Bilbo's handy little sword glows whenever orcs or goblins are near. Real handy in a scrape!

    Available from ThinkGeek for $129.99

  • Legos 5 of 11

    The Goblin King is pretty gross, even as a Lego guy.

    Available from Amazon for $67.99

  • Rivendell Travel Poster 6 of 11

    When your Hobbit fan sees this travel poster, he or she will exclaim, "I want to go to there!"

    Available from Etsy for $26.95

  • Hobbit Hole 7 of 11

    Hobbit hole playhouse kit! Hobbit hole playhouse kit!

    Available from Etsy for $1,595.00

  • Hobbit Skirt 8 of 11

    Wear your love for The Hobbit right on your skirt.

    Available from Etsy for $47.06

  • Hobbit Poster 9 of 11

    I love these silhouettes of Gandalf leading his band of dwarves but, guys? Dragon!

    Available from Etsy for $18.00

  • Mordor Sweatshirt 10 of 11

    It can be your safety school.

    Available from Etsy for $27.95

  • Hobbit Cartoon 11 of 11

    In 1977 this happened. We didn't know any better, and it was glorious.

    Available from Amazon for $9.98

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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