If You’re Not Following This Mom on Instagram, I’m Not Sure What You’re Doing with Your Life

Parenthood has a tendency to make life feel like a blurry timeline of too-much-to-do and not-enough-sleep, and oh-my-God-who-is-crying-now?! That’s why punctuating the tough moments with laughter isn’t just fun, it’s necessary for survival. (Trust me on this one — I have three kids at home.)

So when I stumbled upon the truly addictive Instagram account belonging to Danielle Bevens, a hilarious mom of two, I hit “follow” faster than you can imagine.

With nothing but letter board, her clever wit, and some handy photography skills, Bevens’ Instagram pokes fun at all the not-so-fun parts of parenthood — and let me tell you, it’s a treasure trove of good stuff.

Bevens is mostly inspired by her two kids, 2-year-old Noah and newborn baby Toby, but says that many of her posts bring to life hilarious memes, statuses, or other musings shared by parents across the Internet.

“Most of the sayings and quotes I’ve found on social media,” Bevens tells Babble. “Just funny post friends have shared, I save them and spend a little time trying to decide on a creative way to add them to the letter board! I think there’s a few I’ve come up with myself and they are still a few of my favorites!”

Her love of photography and her appreciation for humor is pretty evident in every post she shares. But what inspires this busy mom of two to create a stream of such share-worthy posts? In a word: fun.

“The fun mostly comes from my crazy 2-year-old, Noah,” Bevens tells Babble. “I like to think we’re a creative bunch for sure though!”

The Bevens bunch includes her two children and her fiancé. “I’m the only girl in our household,” she explains, “and I’m learning to love it! My fiancé works out of town so it’s usually just me and the boys!”

Her oldest child Noah is no stranger to the camera either, though. “I love that if you see my oldest in a photo he’s completely natural,” Bevens shares. “He loves to be in front of the camera! Cheese was his first word!”

Her love of photography and humor has morphed into a fun hobby that she says is inspired by the honest sayings she finds online, and brings to life in a whole new way.

“I love taking it somewhere! ” she shares. “The creativity I get to use is so much fun. Deciding to hide in the closet or include a certain prop is what has made it such a hobby for me.”

It’s also what makes every post more wildly entertaining than the next.

As for her favorite letter board post so far, Bevens isn’t sure.

“I get asked this all the time and it’s seriously such a hard question!” she shares. “If I had to decide on a favorite though it would be a tie between my dark place photo, where I’m hiding in the closet or a photo I did a couple months ago about my big belly bump. It said, ‘Oh my god Becky look at her bump.’ Still makes me giggle!”

Seriously, how can it not?!

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