The Stars of Dawson’s Creek — Then and Now!

Every Sunday, we had a ritual in my house (a flat share in North London with 3 other girls). The minute we heard the Dawson’s Creek theme song — “So open up your morning light and say a little prayer for I…” — we would race to the TV, still in our PJs. Although Dawson’s Creek only ran from 1998 to 2003, somehow, more than any other show, it defines the lazy Sunday mornings of my single girl life in my 20’s.

Created by Scream writer Kevin Williamson, the series follows four friends: Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Jen Lindley, and Pacey Witter, living in the small fictional seaside town called Capeside. Williamson said that he based film fanatic Dawson on himself. Oh, how we willed geeky Dawson to get together with his pretty best pal Joey Potter — well for all of Season 1 anyway. By Season 3, show me a woman who wasn’t in love with Pacey Witter! Remember when he bought Joey that wall for her to paint on? Or when she left with him on his boat for the summer? I distinctly remember that year telling my girlfriends that my ideal man was simply er… Pacey.

As the seasons wore on, we were introduced to more characters than the original four: Michael Pitt appeared as Jen’s nervous boyfriend Henry; Kerr Smith starred as Jack McPhee (and the best coming out of the closet I have ever seen on screen, bar Ellen’s) and then was joined by his sister Andie, played by Meredith Monroe. I have to confess that when the characters left Capeside for college, my love affair with the Creek waned somewhat. However, I was glued to the final episode, penned by Williamson, tears pouring down my face.

So where are the cast now? Take a look at the slideshow below to find out!

  • Ahhhh remember the theme song? 1 of 17

    'I don't want to wait for our lives to be over, 
    I want to know right now what will it be....'

    The theme tune wasn't the only memorable part of Dawson's Creek. Who could forget the homage to The Breakfast Club episode, where the cast was held in detention in the library? Or Joey's obvious crush on the boy next door, who saw her only as a buddy? Haven't we all been there? That was the beauty of Dawson's Creek — it awakened the teen in us all.  

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  • James Van Der Beek – THEN 2 of 17

    Dawson Leery was perhaps the most earnest 15-year-old in the world! Initially entranced by new girl next door Jen, he soon woke up to the fact he and his best friend, Joey Potter, were more than friends. From dealing with his parents' break up, to their subsequent reunion, and the conflicting emotions that adolescence brings, he captivated us with his winning mixture of innocence and determination. 

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  • James Van Der Beek – NOW! 3 of 17
    Former 'Dawson's Creek' actor James Van Der Beek cheerfully arrives at 'Good Morning America' in New York City

    Having starred in The Rules of Attraction and Varsity Blues, James mainly had TV roles, culminating in playing a fictionalized version of himself in Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23. In 2002, he married Kimberly Brook and they have 2 children together. He has just appeared with Entourage star Kevin Connolly in Friends with Better Lives

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  • Michelle Williams – THEN 4 of 17

    Jen, perhaps the most interesting character on the show, came to live with her Grams (Grandmother) having been kicked out of school in New York City for being out of control. Slowly, bad girl Jen worked to redeem herself, getting close to Dawson — until an ex of hers turned up revealing her wayward past. Perhaps the most endearing friendship of the whole series is the one Jen shared with Jack — two lost souls who found a family of sorts in each other. 

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  • Michelle Williams – NOW! 5 of 17
    The Great And Powerful Oz - UK Film Premiere in London

    Although post Creek Michelle appeared in largely forgettable films, she has arguably become the most successful member of the original Dawson's Creek cast, having been nominated for 3 Academy Awards — for Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine, and My Week with Marilyn. She began dating co-star Heath Ledger in 2004, and they had a daughter together named Matilda in 2005. They broke up in 2007, and tragically Heath died in January 2008. Recently she starred in Oz The Great and Powerful and will soon be seen in The Double Hour.

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  • Busy Philipps – THEN 6 of 17
    busy with michelle - imdb

    We were first introduced to Audrey Liddell in Season 5 of Dawson's Creek, when she meets Joey Potter during their freshmen year at the prestigious Worthington College and they are assigned to room together. Eventually she begins to date Pacey, with Joey's approval. 

    This photo was taken in the Dawson's Creek era, showing the budding friendship between Busy and Michelle Williams. The two became close, and Busy is now godmother to Michelle's daughter, Matilda. 

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  • Busy Philipps – NOW! 7 of 17
    Pregnant Busy Philipps handles her cravings with a trip to the Meatball Shop in New York City

    Having appeared in TV shows ER, Love Inc, and Terminator, Busy landed the role as Laurie Keller in Cougar Town with Courtney Cox. Busy also married screenwriter Marc Silverstein in 2007, and they have two daughters: Birdie Leigh, born August 2008, and Cricket Pearl, born July 3, 2013. 

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  • Michael Pitt – THEN 8 of 17

    Jen's bumbling boyfriend, freshman football player Henry Parker, was in Dawson's Creek for 15 episodes between 1999 and 2000. He cruelly dumped Jen by getting Jack to tell her rather than doing so himself!

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  • Michael Pitt – NOW! 9 of 17
    Michael Pitt seen arriving at Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014 fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week

    After starring in The Dreamers and Murder by Numbers, in 2010 Pitt was cast as Jimmy Darmody in the HBO Original series Boardwalk Empire (about the rise of Atlantic City during the prohibition era) with Steve Buscemi. He played the role for two seasons. He is soon to be seen in the film You Can't Win in the lead role as Jack Black. He has also modeled for Prada (above he is attending their fashion show in Milan), and plays in a band called Pagoda. 

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  • Meredith Monroe – THEN 10 of 17

    Andy McPhee crashes into Pacey Witter's life quite literally — by hitting his car — and their sparring leads to romance. However, throughout the course of the season, Andie experiences mental health issues in trying to overcome the death of her brother, Tim, the reason the McPhee family moved to Capeside from Providence. Her romance with Pacey comes to an abrupt end when she reveals she slept with another patient while being rehabilitated. Later, she has to accept that Pacey has fallen for Joey... 

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  • Meredith Monroe – NOW! 11 of 17
    Meredith Monroe attends the launch of the Elizabeth and James Fall 2013 Handbag Collection at an InStyle cocktail party held at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood

    Since leaving Dawson's Creek, Monroe has continued to act — appearing in shows The Mentalist, Private Practice, and most notably, Criminal Minds from 2005 to 2009. Monroe met her husband Steven Kavovit, a massage therapist, on the set of the TV show The Magnificent Seven, and they married in 1999. She appeared in NCIS (as did Kerr Smith) and CSI: NY. She most recently filmed the TV show Watsky's Releasing an Album

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  • Kerr Smith – THEN 12 of 17
    jack then

    Initially introduced in the series' second season, he dated girl-next-door Joey before discovering his sexuality. As the series progressed, Jack became best friends with Jen, and he eventually moved in with Jen and her Grams after his Dad and Andie moved away. 

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  • Kerr Smith – NOW! 13 of 17
    jack now

    Although best known for starring in Final Destination (which came out while he still worked on Dawson's Creek), Kerr has carved out a steady career in television: appearing in Charmed, CSI: NY and Miami, and most recently in NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Smith married actress Harmoni Everett on June 7, 2003. He filed for divorce in March 2009. 

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  • Katie Holmes – THEN 14 of 17

    The only cast member to appear in all 128 episodes, we were enthralled by Joey Potter's criss-cross life. Will she choose Dawson or Pacey? The writers kept us guessing right until the very last episode when she chose... No, I won't spoil it for you! Meanwhile, life imitated art as Joey and Pacey were also dating off screen!

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  • Katie Holmes – NOW! 15 of 17
    Katie Holmes stops in at the 'Late Show With David Letterman' in New York Cityerly Hills

    Perhaps Katie Holmes' best-known role after Dawson's Creek is that of superstar Tom Cruise's wife. She married Cruise in 2006, but they divorced in 2012 and have one daughter Suri, who is 7. Katie went on to film Batman Begins and Thank You for Smoking after Dawson's Creek, and is currently filming Responsible Adults. She also starred in a Broadway Production of Arthur Miller's All My Sons in 2008. 

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  • Joshua Jackson – THEN 16 of 17

    Were you team Dawson or team Pacey? Hands down, I was a Pacey lover through and through. The classic black sheep of his family, Pacey turns over a new leaf when he begins dating Andie McPhee, the superbrain, in Season 2. He had an ability to make wisecracks even through the pain of dealing with his alcoholic dad and his girlfriend's mental illness. His wooing of Joey Potter was easily the most romantic story in the whole series — theirs was the relationship we all wanted.

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  • Joshua Jackson – NOW! 17 of 17
    Actress Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson arrive at the New York screening of 'The Host' in New York

    Since Dawson's Creek, Joshua has appeared on the London stage and in films Bobby and The Mighty Ducks, but he is best known for playing Peter Bishop in the science-fiction series Fringe. Jackson has been in a relationship with German actress Diane Kruger since 2006, and the couple share residences in Paris and Vancouver.

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