Dax Shepard’s Vasectomy Story Gets Way Too Real (but Super Hilarious)

Dax Shepard is pretty much always good for a laugh. If you didn’t fall in love with him back in his MTV Punk’d days, then you most certainly have in the years since he married Kristen Bell.

In that time, he’s become the proud dad of two little girls, Lincoln and Delta, and gushed a million times over about them. And he’s showed us on countless occasions just how awesome (and hysterical) of a husband he is. (Need I even mention the Africa music video?)

Last night, the actor/comedian swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live, and reminded us of all that and more, as he entertained the crowd with one hilarious story after the next.

Like that time Bell kinda sorta told him she thought she was pregnant while away shooting a movie, and Shepard literally saw his life flash before his eyes in the sheer panic of it all.

“She all of a sudden goes, ‘omigosh, I’m so stupid. I’ve been sick for 10 days and I’ve been ignoring it,'” remembers Shepard. “‘I’m definitely pregnant.'”

Shepard’s reaction? “I was like, we’re gonna turn into Jon & Kate Plus 8 or something,” he joked. “I freaked out!”

As it turned out, Bell was not actually pregnant — but the pair wouldn’t find that out for another 8 hours, once she got off work and was able to take a pregnancy test. And during that time, it’s safe to say Shepard had a full-on panic attack over whether or not he could handle three kids.

His final verdict? He could not. And so, immediately after, he scheduled a vasectomy to have just two days later — during which, much hilarity ensued.

You can catch the rest of the clip above to hear the full story. (Trust me, it’s worth every minute.)

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