Dear Meg Ryan, I Missed You This Weekend.

Dear Meg Ryan

Dear Meg Ryan,

I missed you this weekend. It was Valentine’s Day on Friday and I used to be able to count on you to be there for me. You lived the romantic comedy stories I imagined living some day: quirky single girl in the city who finds out the man of her dreams has been within reach forever.

When you met Harry I knew before you did that he was The One for you and yet you let me continue on with you on your decades long journey of realization. When you couldn’t get any sleep in Seattle I had a feeling it was all going to end up okay. I never really understood why you were addicted to love, that was a phase that didn’t jive with me, but I supported you in it. Because that’s what friends do. You came through for me when you went out to the mailbox and we discovered, yup, you’ve got mail. Oh what wonderful mail it was.

I’ve had a standing date with you for a long time to experience simple, sweet, funny, and attainable romance vicariously.

This weekend you didn’t show up.

Remember that scene in You’ve Got Mail when you go to the coffee shop and you’ve got Pride and Prejudice and your red rose and you are waiting for NY152? Every time the door to the shop opens your heart flutters a little bit and you think, “Is this it? Is this when the story can really begin?” Then Joe Fox (played by Tom Hanks) shows up and you don’t realize the guy you’ve made out to be your enemy is actually your soul mate. I was right there with you for this, and I wanted so much for you to just relax and recognize Joe for who he really was.

Oh and remember when you heard Jonah on the radio talking about how his dad needs to find a new wife, and as you listened something inside of you shifted and you realized the life you were living wasn’t for you, it wasn’t complete. There was room for grand gestures and boy did you embrace them! Oh did I love the moment when you locked eyes with Sam Baldwin (again, played by Tom Hanks) for the first time.

You’ve made me believe in magic, even knowing it was script magic, movie magic, I still believed and dared to hope that such moments happened. Flutters of the heart were acceptable and permissible as I watched your films.

But where were you this weekend?

You starred in three of the films listed within the top fifteen of AMC’s most romantic movies. You were a staple in my life, a go-to, a comfort muse, a constant I could lean on. This weekend I needed you and you weren’t around.

I recently read the news about your directorial debut on the film Ithaca and I couldn’t be more thrilled for you. The truth is I’ve been worried about you. Things started to go weird right around Proof of Life and that Russell Crowe situation. I was excited when you became a single mom by choice in 2006 when you adopted your daughter Daisy. I completely understood when you paused your career to focus on being a new mom.

Still, I’ve been waiting for you to make your triumphant return to acting for a while so it was hard to read the article in People discussing how you are leaving Hollywood behind. The article described you as, “guarded, cautious and resolutely determined to avoid the fame that [you] once described as traumatizing.” Wow. I am so sorry. Truly.

Honestly I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you, and I’m rooting for you. I love that the film you are directing is going to be executive produced by Tom Hanks and his Playtone production company. I think it will be nice to have Tom with you on this, as you guys work so well together.

I wish you well, Meg Ryan. I wish you happiness. I thank you for all of the film journeys you’ve allowed me to go on with you. I’m still sleepless in Philadelphia and checking my mail waiting to meet Harry … and it’s all because of you.


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