Diana Ross Apparently Lost Her Fanny Pack in Marshalls and a Kind Stranger Turned It In

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There are a few things about Diana Ross we all know to be true: She’s one of music’s greatest icons. She can rock a mean ballad. And she has the best head of hair the world has ever seen.

But here’s a couple things I bet you didn’t know: She is also, apparently, the proud owner of a fanny pack. And — are you ready for this? — a frequenter of Marshalls. Yes, as in, that Marshalls. Where you buy all your out-of-season bras and extra dish towels. (See? Stars, they’re just like us!)

I know, I know — you might need a minute to process this news. But you’re going to have to hurry up, because there’s more to this story … and it’s just getting good.

Recently, Miss Ross happened to swing into a Marshalls in LA, where she sadly left her coveted fanny pack behind. Maybe she lost it while browsing the sunglass section. Or the aisle where those super comfy Lucky Brand flannels hang. Or, maybe she dropped it after paying the cashier.

The world will never know.

What we do know is that someone spotted it soon after and turned it in. And we know this because Ross herself tweeted her gratitude for the stranger’s kindness on Monday:

In fact, she was so grateful that she woke up the next morning and STILL couldn’t get over her good fortune:

And then, 30 minutes later, she was apparently still clutching her fanny pack close and dreaming up various ways to thank the universe when she tweeted this declaration:

(I don’t know about you, but I’m currently imagining Diana Ross wandering the aisles of Target looking for left-behind bags or wallets to turn in … )

So first of all: As this story clearly proves, Diana Ross is apparently adorable IRL. Second of all: Can you IMAGINE finding a lost purse and opening it up to discover that it doesn’t just belong to a celebrity, but that it belongs to one of the greatest icons of all time? How awesome.

To the “angel” who returned Ross’ bag, your kind deed certainly deserves to be praised. And to the Marshalls employees at the store on Olympic Boulevard: Good luck fighting off the hordes of fans who will no doubt start descending for a glimpse of Diana Ross. (Or her now-infamous fanny pack.)

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