This Couple Recreated the Final Dance Scene of ‘Dirty Dancing’ at Their Wedding, and It Was Everything

If there’s one thing that unites all women, it’s this: We love the crap out of Dirty Dancing. I mean, there’s a reason why it’s been dubbed one of the greatest romantic movies of all time — or make that many reasons.

The unlikely love story, the infectious soundtrack, Patrick Swayze’s chiseled abs and impossibly tight pants … OMG — AND THE LIFT AT THE END. It’s all been seared into our collective memory since it first hit theaters back in 1987.

But it seems there’s at least one woman out there who loves Dirty Dancing just a little bit harder than the rest of us.

According to the Huffington Post, Lindsay Pergola is such a big fan, she recently convinced her fiancé Richie Guarini to recreate the movie’s infamous final dance scene to “Time of My Life” at their wedding reception — complete with the lift.

And it. was. glorious.

One of the wedding guests later shared a video of the dance on Facebook, where (no surprise) it’s since gone viral, racking up over 14 million views to date.

As Pergola later explained:

“It was my favorite movie growing up and I always had the idea in the back of my head ever since I could remember. Then when we got engaged I asked Richie if he would do it with me and he agreed!”

Sounds like Richie is one seriously cool guy — especially considering he’d never taken a dance lesson in his life. But he was also in pretty good hands: Pergola teaches dance classes at Essex Dance Academy in Fairfield, New Jersey, and started practicing with Richie twice a week, one month before the wedding.

Looks like those dance lessons paid off!

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