Disney Channel Original Movies and Me: My Confession

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Disney TV Movies: My ConfessionWhen I am getting ready in the morning my son W gets some TV time. He scoots down to the living room, grabs the remote, and turns on the TV. Since we have had Dish Network for as long as we have lived in this house, he is VERY familiar with how to work the remote. He turns on the TV and I hear him exclaim, “Hey! My program is on!” with much delight.

On rainy afternoons W and I snuggle on the couch and watch one of the four animated shows on Disney. With Dish we benefit from having both an East coast and a West coast Disney Channel so a lot of the shows geared towards morning watching by the younger kids are just airing on the West coast when we get home from school. My son’s current favorites are Fish Hooks and Gravity Falls. We both get a kick out of how zany and outrageous the episodes are. There is nothing like watching your kid belly laugh over fish singing in a talent show!

I am also one of those grownups who watches the Disney channel without a kid. Specifically Disney Channel Original Movies.

You see, it started with High School Musical back in 2006. I heard people talking about it and, being the pop culture fan I am, I decided it was simply educational for me to watch it. So I did. It was sweet.

A few days after that first viewing I was clicking through channels on a lazy weekend and saw that High School Musical was starting again. I put down the remote and enjoyed. Obviously I couldn’t be the only adult tuning in; the original High School Musical achieved 7.7 million views when it debuted.

A year later, I set my DVR to record the sequel, High School Musical 2. The viewership for the sequel was HUGE. 17.24 million people tuned in to watch the premiere. It was the single most-watched basic cable telecast in history.

I tuned in for Camp Rock, Princess Protection Program, Avalon High, Lemonade Mouth, Frenemies, and I am looking forward to Let it Shine and Teen Beach Movie. (Have you noticed how much Garrett Clayton, star of Teen Beach Movie, looks like Zac Efron?!)

I am hooked on Disney Channel Original Movies. They are charming, silly, and oddly enough, I feel like they are preparing me for when my son will be a teen. Disney seems to air a made-for-TV movie four or five times a week in the evenings. (There are usually a few new ones every season.)

What is your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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