Disney Stars Then and Now — Who Has Changed the Most?

Just like Britney, Justin, and Christina before them, the Disney kids of the early 2000s (Miley, Selena & Co.) have grown into megastars before our eyes. Now they have stylists, trainers, assistants, colorists, lawyers, managers, assistants, and assistants for their assistants. But do you remember what they looked like before all the flash and polish? Some looked, well, a lot like they do now. Others are barely recognizable! Here’s a quick trip down memory lane …

Miley Cyrus — Then 1 of 16
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An innocent Miley smiles her way through the red carpet during her Hannah Montana days.
Miley Cyrus — Now 2 of 16
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This probably wouldn't be found in Hannah Montana's awesome revolving closet. Since her Disney days Miley has embraced her edgier side. She's definitely a free-spirit, as we can tell in her video for her hit song"Wrecking Ball."
Demi Lovato — Then 3 of 16
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As a child, Demi made her TV debut on Barney. However, most of us know her from her starring role in Disney's Camp Rock.
Demi Lovato — Now 4 of 16
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Demi has come a long way from belting out songs alongside The Jonas Brothers. She has opened up about her battle with depression and eating disorders to encourage others to overcome their struggles. She was also an X Factor judge, had songs crush the Billboard charts, and is currently working on a skincare line.
Selena Gomez — Then 5 of 16
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Look at that baby face! Selena Gomez looked precious on the red carpet during her Wizard of Waverly Place days.
Selena Gomez — Now 6 of 16
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Gomez has grown into a beautiful young lady since her magical days on Disney Channel. She has moved on from her tumultuous romance with Justin Bieber to a more adult relationship with music producer and DJ, Zedd. She has appeared in numerous films, and put out three albums.
Hilary Duff — Then 7 of 16
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A young Hilary Duff is all smiles here. Her Disney claim to fame was starring as everyone's favorite teen — Lizzie McGuire.
Hilary Duff — Now 8 of 16
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A troubled teen no more! Hilary Duff is now a proud mom to her son Luca. Aside from taking on parenthood, Duff continues to sing and act. She's starring in a new show on TV Land called Younger and has just released a new single.
Dylan and Cole Sprouse — Then 9 of 16
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Dylan and Cole made their Disney debut as two kids living in a fancy hotel on the show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Dylan and Cole Sprouse — Now 10 of 16
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Our favorite mischievous twins are all grown up. They've stopped running around hotels and have settled into college life at New York University.
The Jonas Brothers — Then 11 of 16
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Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas rose to popularity after Camp Rock debuted back in 2008. The talented brothers immediately stole the hearts of young girls everywhere.
The Jonas Brothers — Now 12 of 16
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After creating four albums together, the band has decided to just remain brothers. Since breaking up the band the boys have gone on separate paths. Kevin got married and had a daughter. Joe Jonas released his own album, Fastlife. Nick Jonas began dating Olivia Culpo and has been crushing the charts with his song "Jealous."
Vanessa Hudgens — Then 13 of 16
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The very sweet Vanessa Hudgens first came into popularity from her role in the High School Musical trilogy. Fans loved following her romance with Zac Efron, both on and off screen.
Vanessa Hudgens — Now 14 of 16
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A sassy and fun Vanessa Hudgens has developed her career since her HSM days. She's played controversial roles in films such as Spring Breakers and Gimme Shelter, and is currently starring in GIGI on Broadway.
Zac Efron — Then 15 of 16
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Look at that toothy smile! Zac Efron wooed young Disney fans in his starring role as Troy in High School Musical
Zac Efron — Now 16 of 16
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My has he grown! Zac has certainly matured since his days on the Disney Channel. He is now known not only for his dashing good looks, but for his roles in films like The Lucky One and Neighbors.


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