Do You Spank Your Children? 10 Celebrity Parents Sound Off On Disciplining Their Kids (Photos)

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Ahh, spanking. The one parenting subject no one likes to talk about for fear that their family members and friends will judge them. I’ve always assumed that there are more parents out there who use spanking as a form of discipline, but just don’t want to say it out loud.

Now, don’t get me wrong here: any form of violence toward children is totally wrong and unacceptable, but what we’re talking about here is spanking our children on the tush when they get out of line. When it comes to celebrities spanking their children, there are those who say they’d never spank their kids, while others support it. Celebrity mom Charlize Theron credits her own mother for spanking her as a child as it has helped “form her character as an adult” while actor David Arquette has even said that he wished he was spanked as a child as he craved and needed the discipline that his parents never gave him. David has even recalled washing his own mouth with soap as an 8-year-old after using curse words in public when his own parents wouldn’t do it.

But as we know, there will always be two different sides of opinions when it comes to the topic of spanking. While some are for and others are against, every child and every situation is of course different. While spanking children might be wrong in some cases (or all, depending on your view), raising your kids in a stress-free environment doesn’t reap the best benefits, either. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen too many children that have turned into selfish, spoiled, foul-mouthed, disrespectful teenagers that could have used a strong-handed Abuelita at least once in their lives to set them straight (you know what I’m talking about). Sure, spanking your kids might have a long-term negative impact on them, but letting your children walk all over you is another story in itself (but we’ll save that for another post). Children need and sometimes might even crave limitations, as do adults, and well … time-outs don’t always work. But should we go around hitting one another? Absolutely not. The right way in teaching our children to learn respect is something we as parents might never be able to figure out on our own.

Check out our slideshow of celebrity parents who have sounded off on the topic of spanking in the past. You’d be surprised to see which ones are pro-spanking and which ones are not.

Alecia Moore (Pink) 1 of 10
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Celebrity mom Pink has gone on record too to say she thinks spanking is a good form of discipline and even credits her own parents for spanking her as a child. Pink even admits to deserving it as a child, recalling how her father once spanked her, "Oh, he put me through a wall," says Pink, "It's the only reason I'm still here. It's the only reason I'm still alive."

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Kirstie Alley 2 of 10
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Kirstie Alley tweeted back in 2009, "I have amazing children. I wouldn't dream of solving ANY situation with them by swatting or spanking them … I was POPPED a lot … doesn't work."

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Charlize Theron 3 of 10
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Although mom Charlize Theron, who has a an adopted son named Jackson, has never spoken out on the subject of spanking as a parent, she does give her own mother credit for spanking her as a child as it "kept her in line" and helped build her character as an adult.

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Will Smith 4 of 10
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While Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have never gone on record about spanking their children, they have said that they don't discipline their children but instead "create agreements." Jada has said, "We don't have rules. We come up with agreements. Kids are little people, and we're in life to guide them. Trying to rule someone is always an illusion, and it's no different with children."

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Shaunie O'Neal 5 of 10
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Shaquille O'Neal's ex-wife and executive producer of VH1's "Basketball Wives," Shaunie O'Neal has gone on the record to say,"I just firmly believe in instilling some sort of fear of mommy getting pissed." The mother-of-five has also said that while dad Shaquille doesn't spank their kids, she does.

Source: Mom Logic
Kate Gosselin 6 of 10
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Kate Gosselin has defended spanking her kids after she was caught spanking her own daughter by the paparazzi, saying, "I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation."

Source: Ny Daily News
Elisabeth Rohm 7 of 10
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Actress Elisabeth Rohm doesn't believe in spanking. She once recalled an incident when her child had an uber meltdown at a department store and instead of spanking her, she simply left and went back home while her friend insisted, "Don't let that girl run you over." Elisabeth instead kept to her beliefs and did not spank her daughter.

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Madonna 8 of 10
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It looks like Madonna is a spanker, too. When Madonna's adopted son David went back home to visit his biological father, who shared this little tidbit about his new mom, "He told me his mum likes riding horses and that he too rides horses. Then he told me a story when one day he and his brother, Rocco, rode horses and fell. He told me his mum spanked him because they are not supposed to ride horses on their own."

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Kate Hudson 9 of 10
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Kate Hudson has spoken casually about being spanked "every once in a while" as a kid, but so far she hasn't commented on spanking now that she's a parent.

Source: Baby Center
Matt Damon 10 of 10
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While he spanked his on-screen daughter in 2010's "True Grit," Matt Damon says he has never spanked his own four daughters at home. He did speak out about spanking his co-star in the film, saying, "It's a scene in the movie that needs to be there for a whole host of reasons," he said,"And so, they just put a big pad on Hailee. And we practiced. And I said, 'Hailee, does that hurt?' And she said, 'I can't even feel it.'"

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