Domino’s Just Created a Baby Registry, and It’s Actually Kind of Amazing

By far, one of the most exciting and overwhelming parts of a first pregnancy is registering for baby gifts. Which crib is best? Do I really need a wipe-warmer? Is the super fancy swing worth the price? My husband and I registered at your typical places — Babies R’ Us, Target … you know the drill. But GUESS WHAT, expecting parents? Domino’s now has a baby registry, and you can register your little pizza-loving hearts out for whatever you wish.

I know, I know. But despite my initial reaction to this news being something along the lines of “What the WHAAAAAAT?!” I am now realizing it’s pretty genius.

Right on the heels of its newly-minted wedding registry, the famous pizza chain has announced its baby registry a mere nine months later. (Cute, Domino’s. Cute.) And as I look back on the amount of take-out (mostly pizza) we consumed both in the hospital and right after coming home with each of our babies, I kinda think I love this idea.

Expectant moms and dads can now register for food packages like “Sleeping Through the Night”, “Hormonal and Hangry”, “Dadchelor Party”, and “The Last Supper.” Each gift arrives in gift card form so the couple can order a pizza to their liking. Honestly, whoever came up with these names is definitely a parent. Not to mention a hilarious individual.

For what it’s worth, I recommend “Date Night at Home — #TBT to When It Was Just the Two of Us” and “Newborn Lockdown — Dinner Delivered. ‘Nuff Said.” Because you’re housebound for a while after having a kid, but you’ll be too exhausted to actually prepare food for yourself, so this is a total win.

Image Source: Domino’s

Registrants can also choose fun swag like a “Pizza for Two” shirt for Mom or a “Slice Slice Baby” mug for all the coffee you’ll be drinking.

Image Source: Domino’s

And if you’re really loyal to this company and want to take it a step further, you can also purchase personalized pizza party invitations for your baby shower. They have adorable things written on them like, “Come help us celebrate Tom and Sara’s little slice!” and will be a hit for your family and friends who know how much you love Domino’s.

I mean, they even have PIZZA BABY MOCCASINS!

Image Source: Domino’s

And pizza pants!

Image Source: Domino’s

Okay, so maybe it’s a little outside the box. I mean, you probably still need to register for onesies and crib sheets, but you got to hand it to Domino’s. This is clever. They know we love them, especially at those hard times in life such as when we become new parents and are floundering and terrified and in a zombie-like trance. Nothing better than a thin-crust supreme to help Mom and Dad get their groove back. (Or fill their bellies at the very least.)

Hey Domino’s, can yoy create a “Tired Mom of 3” registry next?

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