Drew Barrymore Gets Rare Moment Alone, Reacts Exactly the Way All Parents Do

There are a few universal parenting truths that apply to us all once we have kids: you will not be getting any sleep for the foreseeable future, your kids will refuse to eat every perfectly good meal you put in front of them, and for the first five years, you will never — ever — get a moment alone.

Seriously; not even to pee.

Drew Barrymore gets it, people. She’s been a mom for nearly five years now, thanks to her two adorable little girls, Olive, 4, and Frankie, 2, and she knows what it’s like in the trenches. She’s also not afraid to be super honest about all of it. Just take last month, when she swung by Late Night with Seth Meyers and shared some hilarious photos of her daughter at Disneyland — in full-blown tantrum mode.

And over the weekend, the actress took to her Instagram account to share another all too real parenting moment we’ve all had: When you finally get a moment alone to yourself and realize you have ZERO idea what to do with yourself. Like, none.

Along with a photo of herself, sheepishly peering out from behind a magazine, Drew wrote:

“Do you ever have that moment as a parent, where you have a few minutes to lay in bed and read a magazine at a hotel, and your like ‘how am I not chasing the kids around? How am I stealing a few minutes to myself? When is this going to end? And why do I feel like I am breaking the law?’ #mommoment #momenttomyself #savior #backonin30 #kidsbacksoon”

Um, why yes Drew, we certainly do. And while it’s definitely all sorts of strange and unusual, it is also pretty amazing. Because not having a kid climb all over you/ask for juice/demand a bedtime story/ask you to “WATCH THIS” for the 80th time today is … well, a rare moment indeed. Better enjoy it, girl!

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