Drew Barrymore’s Response to a Stranger Who Assumed She Was Pregnant Was Total Perfection

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We all know and love Drew Barrymore for keeping it real. And this week, she reminded us all of that fact once again, when she shared the story of how she epically clapped back at a stranger who rudely commented on her postpartum body. Honestly, it has me literally wanting to give her a standing ovation.

During an interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show this past Wednesday, the Santa Clarita Diet actress talked about the rigorous vegan diet and workout routine she adheres to while filming. But when she’s off set and in relaxation mode, she admits she’s no stranger to “pigging out [like you have] a feedbag strapped to your face.”

And, like most of us who fall off the wagon a bit with healthy eating, Barrymore gains a little bit of weight during these periods of indulgence. And, just like any other woman in the world who gains weight, someone APPARENTLY has to get all Captain Obvious on us and point it out.

Such was the case recently when a woman, who was a total stranger to Barrymore, spotted the star coming out of a restaurant with friends and all their kids in tow.

“She’s like, ‘God, you have so many kids,’” Barrymore told Corden, “and I go, ‘Well not all of them are mine, I just have two.’ And she’s like, ’Well, and you’re expecting, obviously.’ And I just looked at her and go, ‘No, I’m just fat right now.’”

LOL — go, Drew!

Seriously, though, how out of touch with basic human decency do you have to be to think it’s okay to walk up to a woman, start asking personal questions, and make unsolicited comments on her body?

Barrymore admitted to Corden that the situation may have felt “rough”, but the woman kind of deserved it. “I was, like, ‘I’ll just tell this story and make fun of myself,’” Barrymore said with a laugh, “but she’s a b*tch.”

During my second pregnancy, I got huge. I mean, Goodyear blimp huge. I carried all of my excess weight, plus baby weight, right on the front of me. Friends, family, and yes, even complete strangers, would all ask if I was sure I wasn’t having twins. As if I wouldn’t freaking know.

As a mother watching Barrymore raising her kids in the public spotlight, I appreciate how honest she is, both about being a woman in the 21st century, as well as being a mom. Despite her wealth and fame, she also experiences the same joys and frustrations that the rest of us moms do, and I for one appreciate her realness.

I mean, remember that time she posted a hilarious Instagram photo of her overgrown eyebrows? Those eye bushes were gloriously real. And let’s not forget that time she posted an image of herself reading in bed because she got a few kid-free minutes alone. Of all her good fortune, THAT was the thing I was most envious of.

Barrymore is a beautiful, down-to-earth celeb who looks, talks, and acts like one of our BFFs. Kudos to her for keeping it real, as always, and for sticking it to the body-shamers of the world.

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