Duggars’ Daughter In-Law Becoming a Great Mom

tlc_Josh_Anna_Duggar_welcomes_third_child_thg_130607_wblogJosh and Anna Duggar have been married since 2008 and just had their 3rd baby last week—A boy, named Marcus.

Baby Marcus joins big sis Mackynzie and only slightly bigger bro Michael. So I guess its official: They’re going with an “M” names.

The senior Duggars have 19 kids with “J” names, so it’s no surprise that Josh and Anna followed suit.

Anna always follows suit when it comes to the Duggar ways. She has given up pants and swimwear and now wears long denim skirts and swim dresses to keep covered. Ostensibly, she plans to have as many babies as come naturally to her home, just like Michelle who swore off birth control after having a miscarriage early in her marriage to Jim Bob.

I was a little worried about Anna because she was so young when she married Josh, and obviously she has a lot to prove because of Michelle, who seems to unintentionally upstage Anna simply by having one billion more kids.

Anna found out that having children is hard. It was kind of nice to see her struggle with just one baby, and then with two young children. Michelle makes it look easy because she’s a pro now and has lots of older helpers. Not to minimize Michelle’s aptitude as a mom, because I think she’s quite a marvel. But I’m sure Anna felt guilty for struggling with just one baby when her mother-in-law is over there raising 19 like it’s nothing. But having a baby is like joining the army. It breaks you down. Sometimes it just stops there, with you broken down. But usually you get built back up because you become the expert on your own baby. Raising kids does give you confidence.

Anna is gaining in confidence now that she has 3 kids. I think it’s sweet that she tries to “babysit” for Michelle sometimes. She kind of goes nuts when she tries. But bravo for the effort. She also insists on having them over for dinner in her little house and feeds them all one of their patented ketchup casserole recipes x 10. Bless her heart.

I think Michelle is a good and nice person. I wish I had a wife just like her. She compliments Anna by saying that she would be good at having a lot of kids and keeping it organized. That’s the best compliment Michelle can give.

And there’s the rub. While I do believe it is a compliment and that Michelle is nice to Anna, it is also likely that Anna will fall short by Michelle’s standards. Because HELLO having 19 kids is super hard and rare and most people could never do it!

If quantity is the only way you measure success in parenting, Anna doesn’t have a chance. But I have a feeling she’ll make a valiant effort trying. Maybe she’ll even get up to 19.

It is clear that Anna, like most moms, is plagued by guilt. She is trying to use cloth diapers (which Michelle doesn’t even do) and Josh urges her not to feel guilty for using disposables every now and then. But she does feel guilty. She feels guilt over disposable diapers, guilt that her home-cooked food made Josh gain weight, she has no TV, and spends 40 hours a week alone with her children playing on the floor with them for hours —  in a dress, with thrifted toys, and ketchup sandwiches for lunch, no less.

Bless her heart. I hope she doesn’t burn out.

Photo Credit: Scott Enlow/TLC

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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