This Ridiculously Massive Full-Body Scarf Is Exactly What You Need to Get Through Winter

dukyana scarf
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This is the time of year we all want to be wrapped up in something cozy. And nothing says “winter is coming” like a giant, snuggly garment that swallows you whole. If it’s comfort you are looking for this holiday season, look no further than Dukyana’s body scarf.

The company, located in Eastern Europe, has been creating hand knit items like sweaters, mittens, and blankets for more than 20 years, but their new “tube scarf” is the item getting everyone’s attention right now. The eight foot body sock is quite literally a full head-to-toe look that gives new meaning to the phrase “Netflix and chill.”

body scarf
Image source: Dukyana

The scarf is made of mohair and the top (or bottom … no one really knows) can be folded over to make a giant cowl neck. Or, simply pull it up all the way over your head and voila! You are officially closed off from the rest of the world. It’s simply perfect for when you need a little alone time.

body scarf
Image source: Dukyana

It would also be perfect place to hide when your little angel yells, “Moooooom, is that lady with pink hair a wizard?” loud enough for her to hear the entire exchange. It also works when your kids are throwing down in Target, or asking you to play hide and seek for the hundredth time in 20 minutes.

The full body scarf comes in three colors — a beige mix, bright blue, and raspberry — and retails for $280. I’m not sure you’ll want to wear this gigantic leg warmer if you have a lot of holiday shopping to do, or want to eat anything, because it doesn’t come with arm holes. However, this cozy body warmer would be the perfect getup for a night on the couch watching a holiday movie marathon while someone throws popcorn into your mouth. I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it work.

Image source: Dukyana

With cold weather in full swing, we all want to be snuggled in at home, so we might as well be wrapped in full body mohair while doing it.

The tube scarf is currently available for pre-order on Dukyana’s website. And according to their site, those interested can place their orders and the company will have it ready within 10 to 14 days of receiving payment.

Act fast and you may just get this little cocoon of softness in time for Christmas.

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